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About Morocco

It’s safe to say you won’t find anywhere more exotic, exciting or alluring within a 4 hour flight from the UK than Morocco, and thanks to the proliferation of low-cost flights to destinations across Morocco, it’s becoming ever easier to explore this fascinating country. Any trip to the country is likely to involve a mixture of city experiences and more rural experiences, a contrast Morocco does very well. Her greatest cities, like Fez and Marrakesh are maelstroms of intoxicating sights, sounds and smells, very medieval in feel, whilst once you get out into the more remote oases, valleys and mountains, houses hunker down against the weather and invaders, clustered in ksour (fortified villages) overlooking by kasbahs whose mud-brick walls are covered in intricate decoration. Along the coast, fortified ports boast battlements designed by French and Portuguese invaders, whilst much more modern constructions, like the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca are no less inspiring or photogenic because of their modernity.

Some of our Suggested Morocco Itineraries

All our holidays are tailor-made, starting from scratch to build you something that perfectly fits your requirements. These suggested itineraries are just meant to help with the planning process and give you some idea of what is possible, and the sort of prices to expect.

Marrakesh, Mountains & Ocean, 11 days from £850pp excluding international flights

Ancient Cities of Morocco, 15 days from £2,095pp excluding international flights

The Berber Heartlands, 13 days from £1,800pp excluding international flights

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