Erfoud & The Erg Chebbi

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Erfoud is the administrative capital of the Tifilalt, a huge, sprawling patchwork of oases, ksour (fortified villages) and kasbahs that historically was the seat of powerful tribes, growing rich through their control of trading routes between Fez, Marrakesh and the rest of northern Africa. Erfoud is uninspiring and the Tifilalt is difficult to get to grips with, but it provides an attractive backdrop on your journey to the real highlight of the region: The Erg Chebbi. Here, the first tendrils of the Sahara rise into stunning, serried ranks of classic barchan sand dunes. This is the Sahara of your imagination and The Erg Chebbi is one of only two places you can see it in Morocco, making it high on most people’s wish lists!

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