Fez Food Tasting Tour

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This is a fun, foodie experience which will take you to different food markets in the old city of Fez, accompanied by an English-speaking guide who will be helping you to discover and taste the different Fez delicacies whilst interacting with the locals.

During the first half you will wander around the market stalls near the Blue Gate, and can sample Moroccan crepes, different types of traditional breads in a public bakery, dates and olives, preserved meats, and many kinds of honey, You will see the butchers specialising in preparing and selling camel meat, and the ladies making the phyllo used for the preparation of the Pastilla, a famous Moroccan recipe of Andalusian origins. There will also be a short presentation of the different spices used in Moroccan cooking.

Continue exploring to find a whole quarter of eateries where you will be invited to sit in one of the tiny stores serving the broad bean puree cooked with garlic and served with olive oil and tasty warm homemade bread. The guide will also make a selection of the best of each stall, such as the Makouda which are little deep fried potato balls and spicy fried sardines. You will visit a traditional mint tea café to see the tea making and taste this Moroccan traditional hot drink, followed by a quick stop in the colourful quarter specialising in local pastries with almonds, honey and orange blossom water. Finally, you’ll end up on the outskirts of the old city, where you can find ladies making a special crepe called Trid which the local people eat for breakfast, as well as the popular stalls selling snails with lots of herbs and garlic.

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