The Tunnel Siq

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For the adventurous, this is a superb little diversion, an alternative entrance or exit from the site to the Siq. Near the start of the Siq, a watercourse disappears off into a large tunnel, constructed by the Nabataeans. Following this takes you into a network of ever more narrow canyons, scrambling over boulders and marvelling at the sandstone, beautifully striated and sensuously shaped by millennia of flash floods. Along the way are small shrines carved into the canyon sides: such is awe inspired by the silence and beauty of the place that you can see why the Nabataeans saw it as a place of worship. Eventually you will be spat out near the tomb of Sextus Florentius, carved into soft and banded rock, and not far from the Roman street at the heart of the city.

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