Extended Petra Tour

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We recommend the extended tour of Petra as the best introduction to the city. It begins with the basic tour, which takes you from the entrance gates through the Siq and to the Treasury Tomb. You then continue on into the city itself. After passing along the Street of Facades, the facades being several imposing tombs, you come to the amphitheatre. Built in the Roman style by the Nabataeans, it takes advantage of a natural bowl in the rock, into which the seating has been carved. As you continue, you move into a large, open area sandwiched between the two mountain barriers that kept Petra hidden from the world for so long. This flat section is the heart of the Roman city, where you will find their triumphal arch, paved street and temples. Your tour finishes at the foot of the vast Qasr El-Bint temple, itself dwarfed by the mountain it nestles against. After refreshing yourself with a drink at the restaurant found nearby, you can continue to explore at your leisure.

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