Dining with a local family in Petra

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What better way to have a truly local experience than dining in a local home. Receiving guests brings great honour in the Jordanian culture and you will experience the genuine warmth and welcome that your host bestows on you. Eating in Petra with a local family will allow you to taste the love and pride that Jordanian food is cooked with, not only filling your stomachs but also your hearts. Your local English speaking host will accompany you to the location of your evening experience. On arrival, you will meet your host family and sit down with the family, eating until you think you are full. When eating in Petra, ‘Al-ḥamdu lillāh’ is a phrase you will want to remember, as saying this when your host is insisting you eat yet another serving will save your very satisfied stomach. You will be met with the response of ‘Sahtein’ (to your health) from your host. Of course, eating in Jordan is not complete without a cup of local tea.

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