Southern Amazon

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The staggering biodiversity of the Amazon rainforest is not often the first thing associated with a trip to Peru. In fact, well over half of the country is covered by dense tropical jungle, which represents 15% of the total land area of the Amazon. Those who do venture within this seemingly endless maze of swamps, rivers and tributaries are rewarded with startling opportunities to encounter pristine forests and the exotic species of wildlife that reside here. Whether it’s a darting tree frog, a howler monkey swinging through the canopy or a playful giant otter, your eagle-eyed naturalist guide will be on hand to help you uncover the treasures of the forest.

The Tambopata Reserve is one of the most rewarding destinations in the southern Amazon – it is one of the most diverse in terms of both flora and fauna. Fortunately, the area is sporadically dotted with a handful of rustic, yet sometimes luxurious, wooden eco-lodges where you can base yourselves. Stays generally last from two to four nights, which will give plenty of time to experience the wonders of the Amazon jungle that surrounds you. The gateway town of Puerto Maldonado is just an hour by air from Cusco, which makes the reserve of the most easily accessible areas to visit. It is worth noting that high temperatures, rainfall and humidity levels can be significant under the forest canopy, offering a dramatic contrast to the cool altitudes of nearby Cusc

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