Carob House farm to table experiences

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With the world looking to save energy and people more conscious of where their food has come from, Carob House is on a mission to showcase how you can live off the land and produce an abundance of food to create nourishing meals. The Carob House experiences are organically created to connect you with wholesome food, passionate farmers and food artisans through fun and meaningful activities. There is a selection of farming activities available, including those for children where they are immersed in the origins of food and a farm tour to show you how they work with nature to grow nourishing food, and then celebrate this food with an artisanal 5-course meal around Carob House’s communal table. For something truly immersive and a far cry from the ‘typical’ Jordanian holiday experience, why not join them for an afternoon of farming and learn the processes that go into creating this regenerative farm.

Your visit to Carbo House will go towards supporting their native plants nursery which produces 20,000 seedlings a year to support reforestation community projects, and the research they carry out on the farm.

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