Street Food Tour by Vespa

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The Cambodian culinary experience can be a fun, exotic and incredibly unique, especially if you know where to go. Riding on the back of an iconic Vespa this tour will take you to where the locals eat, sampling local markets, street food stalls and hard to find restaurants. An abundance of fresh spices and herbs light up the flavors of striking Cambodian dishes for meat lovers as well as vegetarians. This is a very special ride indeed that leads you out of the main tourist areas and into the real Khmer night life.

After your pick up at the hotel we meet in the main tourist area to show you briefly what you won’t be experiencing this evening, so that you can later on appreciate what is out there for those with a taste for adventure.

From the Pub Street comfort zone and after a refreshing Vespa ride, night has fallen and you will find yourself in the middle of the hustle and bustle of street vendors inviting you to taste a seemingly endless variety of unusual foods and fruits that offer a spectacular diversity of flavors and colors. Not all is for the fainthearted, but then of course you are not.

The next stop of the tour is at a typical local grill and drink stand where tasty snacks and drinks are served. When you look around you will see only local customers enjoying the great food that is freshly prepared right in front of your eyes.

Into the night you move to yet another part of Siem Reap town with numerous night spots that are frequented by local clientele. Our destination is a special restaurant that is hidden in plain sight between the bars and nightclubs. This restaurant boasts a local menu that stands out in quality and variety. A selection of their best specialities will be served, accompanied by drinks and local music performances.

Just when you think that this is the end of the tour you are again in for a refreshing after dinner ride on the way to the desert of the tour. Located in again another part of town you will enter a typical Cambodian style house to be introduced to the magic art of rice wine infusion with special herbs and spices. You will taste these tropical concoctions, which will be complemented by a selection of local sweets.

The presentation of a special souvenir marks the end of the tour and your driver will bring you safely to your hotel or, at your choice, drop you off in the city centre of Siem Reap.

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