Oasis Huachina Village in Peru where to go in 2024

24 Lesser-Visited Gems to Discover Around the World in 2024

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Our world is full of staggering places. And, if you’re looking for where to go in 2024, we’re here to help.

Bucket-list beaches, world wonders and must-see sights are special, but some years call for something that little bit different. Here at HA, we like to help you step away from the ordinary, to help you uncover those lesser-visited gems on your holidays.

From the vast salt pans of Botswana to the surreal oasis of Huacachina hidden amidst Peru’s desert dunes – we’ve curated a list that’ll take you beyond the beaten path. Wander through the charm of Chile’s traditional Palafito houses, suspended above shimmering waters, and experience the magic of sleeping under the stars in a bubble dome in the middle of Jordan’s Wadi Rum Desert.

Thinking about where to go in 2024? Dive in to these 24 lesser-visited gems you could discover…


Adventures in Asia

Pidurangula rock where to go in 2024

1. Sri Lanka: Climb Pidurangula Rock for a View of Sigiriya

Ditch the usual and opt for the extraordinary by conquering Pidurangula Rock in Sri Lanka. Make your way to the top for an exhilarating adventure. It’s not too much of a challenging hike, but the panoramic view of the iconic Sigiriya nestled amidst the sprawling Sri Lankan jungle will be worth it when you get to the top. There are plenty of opportunities for that perfect holiday photo up here, plus fewer crowds to dodge to get it just right.


Caves Vietnam holiday

2. Vietnam: Phong Nha’s Caves

Journey into the heart of Vietnam‘s Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park, a haven for cave enthusiasts. Explore the world’s largest cave systems, where nature crafts a masterpiece hidden beneath the surface.


Cambodia bamboo train things to do in 2024

3. Cambodia: Battambang’s Bamboo Train

All aboard Cambodia‘s Bamboo Train, a quirky ride on a traditional bamboo platform through the lush landscapes of Battambang. It’s an adventure that lets you meet the locals, learn and learn all about rural life whilst zipping through the Cambodian countryside.


Langkawi Sky Bridge Malaysia Where to go in 2024

4. Malaysia: Langkawi’s Sky Bridge

Feel the thrill on Langkawi’s Sky Bridge, suspended high above the treetops. This marvel of modern engineering offers panoramic views of Malaysia’s stunning landscapes, perfect for adrenaline junkies and view-chasers alike.


Naoshima Japan Where to go in 2024

5. Japan: Naoshima’s Art Island

Indulge your artistic side on Japan’s Naoshima, an island transformed into an open-air museum. Modern art installations blend seamlessly with the natural beauty, it’s a quirky place to visit on your Japan holiday.


Hoi An Lantern festival where to go in 2024

6. Vietnam: Hoi An’s Lantern Festival

Immerse yourself in the glow of Hoi An’s Lantern Festival, where the ancient town transforms into a sea of colour. Every month, on the night of the full moon, the city descends into a riot of candlelight and colour. It’s a unique sight that makes the already beautiful city, even more magical. Whenever you visit Hoi An, you’ll be treated to colourful lantern displays, but with added dancing and music, the Lantern Festival is special.


Hidden beach in Pasikudah Sri Lanka where to go in 2024

7. Sri Lanka: Unwind on the country’s many secret beaches

White sands, clear waters, and zero crowds—Sri Lanka has many slices of paradise waiting to be found off the beaten path. Take this secret beach in Pasikudah for example (photo taken by our very own Sri Lanka expert, Rebecca). Give her a call if you’re keen to find the ultimate sun-soaked hideout and bury your toes in the sand in peace.


Kenroku-en garden, located in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan, is an old japanese traditional garden. Along with Kairaku-en and Koraku-en, Kenroku-en is one of the Three Great Gardens of Japan where to go in 2024

8. Soak up the beauty in the gardens of Kanazawa, Japan

Kanazawa tends to fly under the radar a little. But, its gardens, such as Kenrokuen and Gyokusen’inmaru, are known to be some of the most beautiful in all of Japan. In Kenrokuen, discover the beauty of picturesque ponds, teahouses and historic stone lanterns. Gyokusen’inmaru, with its tranquil atmosphere and cherry blossom-lined paths, also provides a peaceful retreat in the city.


Escape to Africa

botswana salt pans where to go in 2024

9. Botswana: Sleep out on the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans

In Botswana, the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans stretch endlessly, creating a mesmerizing, otherworldly landscape. Uncharted Africa’s camps near Makgadikgadi Pans, including Planet Baobab, offer a unique opportunity to sleep under the stars on ancient salt pans. With just a bedroll and a campfire near Kubu Island, guests experience the timeless solitude of the landscape, accompanied by bush tales and a guide. This exclusive adventure provides a rare chance to connect with the untouched lunar beauty of the salt pans.



fish river canyon Namibia where to go in 2024

10. Namibia: Fish River Canyon’s Epic Hike

For the thrill-seekers, tackle Namibia‘s Fish River Canyon hike, an epic journey through the world’s second-largest canyon. The vastness of the landscape is staggering, it’s an adventure that’s as challenging as it is humbling.


where to go in 2024 karoo South Africa

11. South Africa: Karoo’s Starry Nights

Experience the magic of the South African Karoo, where the vastness of the landscape amplifies the brilliance of the night sky. Stargazers, this is your front-row seat to the universe’s grand spectacle.


Botswana where to go in 2024

12. Tanzania: Nyere National Park

Welcome to Nyere National Park in Tanzania, Africa’s largest haven of untouched wilderness! Born from a part of the Selous Game Reserve in 2019, Nyere is a wild paradise with diverse landscapes—think open savannah, rivers, lakes, gorges, and forests—all home to an exciting mix of wildlife, from lions to hippos and wild dogs. The dry season promises thrilling wildlife sightings, while the green season is a birdwatcher’s dream. Nyere offers unique safari experiences like walking, 4×4 drives, boat safaris, and even the chance to camp under the stars. With just a few cozy accommodations, get ready for a special, off-the-beaten-path adventure in this slice of African wilderness


hot air balloon Namibia

13. Namibia: Fly over the Namib Desert in a hot air balloon. 

Soaring over Namibia‘s Namib Desert in a hot air balloon is like stepping into a dreamland of breathtaking desert beauty – you’ll be treated to some of Africa’s most awe-inspiring scenery. Picture drifting peacefully above the expansive sand sea, where colossal orange dunes and vast, undulating valleys create a mesmerizing landscape. From this unique perspective, you’ll be able to take in the sweeping desert in a whole new way: solitary oryx beneath isolated trees, sprightly springbok leaping joyfully across vegetated dunes, and the ever-changing hues of dry river beds, oases, and stark white vleis as the sun paints the desert canvas.


Drakensberg South Africa where to go in 2024

14. South Africa: Drakensberg’s Caverns

Escape to the Drakensberg Mountains in South Africa, where ancient caves boast paintings that whisper stories of a time long forgotten. This UNESCO World Heritage site is characterized by towering peaks, lush green valleys, and cascading waterfalls, the dream spot for outdoor enthusiasts.


Uganda Kidepo National Park where to go in 2024

15. Get off the beaten track in Uganda

Venturing off the beaten track in Uganda will lead you to secret spots beyond the conventional tourist trail – and the mountain gorillas! In Kidepo Valley National Park, the rugged landscapes and diverse wildlife offer a secluded safari experience away from the crowds. Explore the untouched beauty of Sipi Falls in the Eastern Region or discover the tranquillity of Lake Bunyonyi, where off-the-beaten-path accommodations provide a unique glimpse into Uganda’s authentic charm. You might just catch a glimpse of Uganda’s famous tree climbing lions, too.



Natural Wonders in Latin America

Costa rica osa peninsula where to go in 2024

16. Costa Rica: Osa Peninsula’s Rainforest

Step into the mystical Osa Peninsula Rainforest in Costa Rica, a haven for biodiversity shrouded in mist. If you’re eco-conscious and fancy seeking out lush greenery, opulent accommodation and elusive wildlife, this lesser-visited corner of Costa Rica is worth the journey! If you can stretch to it, a stay at Playa Cativo is one that will be hard to beat.


Palafitos in Castro Chile where to go in 2024

17. Chile: Chiloe’s Palafitos

Have you ever heard of Chiloe Island in Chile? It’s a hidden gem that many people overlook, but it’s definitely worth a visit. One of the most charming things about Chiloe is the palafitos – these colourful stilted houses that line the shores of the island, offer a unique glimpse into the island’s culture and history.



argentina where to go in 2024

18. Argentina: Quebrada de Humahuaca’s Colors

Witness the vibrant colors of Argentina‘s Quebrada de Humahuaca, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The canyon’s geological wonders create a natural canvas that captivates photographers and wanderers alike.


Oasis Huachina Village in Peru where to go in 2024

19. Peru: Huacachina’s Desert Oasis

Experience the surreal beauty of Huacachina Oasis, Peru’s desert oasis surrounded by towering sand dunes. Ride a dune buggy or try your hand at sandboarding while watching the sun set below the dunes on this Active Peru holiday idea.



Boca Tapada Costa Rica where to go in 2024

20. Costa Rica: Stay in your very own treehouse in Boca Tapada

Venture beyond the path most travelled and soak up the serenity of Boca Tapada in Costa Rica. Spend a few nights sleeping in the trees in one of Macquenque Eco Lodges’ stunning treehouses. These elevated sanctuaries immerse you in the heart of the tropical rainforest, you’ll be at one with the monkeys, birds and countless other wildlife during your stay here.



Magic in the Middle East

Wahiba Sands Oman where to go in 2024

21. Oman: Wahiba Sands’ Desert Safari

Embark on a desert safari in Oman‘s Wahiba Sands, where golden dunes stretch as far as the eye can see. It’s a thrilling journey through the heart of the desert, filled with tales of Bedouin traditions and endless horizons.



where to go in 2024 Jordan Wadi Rum

22. Jordan: Wadi Rum’s Martian Landscapes

Feel like you’ve landed on Mars in Jordan‘s Wadi Rum, a desert wilderness of towering sandstone mountains. Jeep through the red sands, camp under the stars at the stunning Memories Aicha Camp, and let the ancient landscape ignite your sense of adventure.



Chefchaouen where to go in 2024

23. Morocco: Chefchaouen’s Blue Medina

Wander through Chefchaouen’s Blue Medina, a Moroccan gem nestled in the Rif Mountains. The town’s distinctive blue hues create an atmosphere that’s tranquil by day and mystical by night. We highly recommend getting yourself lost amongst the myriad of streets – there’s a new shade of blue and a more intricate doorway awaiting around every corner.


Nizwa Oman where to go in 2024

24. Oman: Get lost in Nizwa’s souk

Swap the well-trodden paths for the winding alleys of Nizwa’s souk, where the air is infused with the scent of exotic spices and the vibrant pulse of local life. Off the beaten track in Oman means forging a connection with a land that seamlessly blends heritage, warm hospitality, and stunning landscapes.



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