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Top three things to know before travelling to Morocco

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We have been sending lovely, happy clients to Morocco for more than a decade now, and I myself have been doing so here at Holiday Architects for over six years. It’s safe to say that our Morocco portfolio is a baby of mine; I am so proud of the magical experiences we can offer throughout the country – from crossing the silky dunes of the Sahara, to igniting the senses in the country’s intoxicating cities, and finding peace in its abundance of unique, sumptuous hotels. I could honestly wax lyrical about it forever!

Morocco holiday

All that said, there is no denying that it has been a tough year for Morocco. The earthquake that struck in the late hours of September 8th 2023 has changed the lives of thousands in the south of Morocco for the foreseeable future. It was with a huge sigh of relief that when we contacted our beloved colleagues in Morocco after this tragic event, all our office staff, drivers and guides were unharmed, as well as all the clients we had in-country. The events that unfolded after that were heartbreaking, but we worked hard with our partners to keep things going – that’s the thing about Moroccans, they do not give up easily. As a country that relies so heavily on tourism income, our partners assured us they needed to carry on, even in these testing times.

I’ve had many clients out to Morocco since the earthquake, all travelling as planned and absolutely loving their experiences (have a scroll through our TrustPilot page if you don’t believe me!). After so many lovely conversations with clients after their return, here are three things you should know about travelling in post-earthquake Morocco.


Morocco holiday

Moroccans are amazing

If you didn’t gather from that introduction, I think Moroccans are incredible! Not only in the sense that they have managed to pull through such a devastating event, but also simply in the smiling faces you’ll meet around the country. One big point I have had from returning clients is how many delightful people they met throughout their trips – from city guides to locals they met on hikes in the Atlas. I feel clients have been keener than ever to understand culture and daily life in Morocco recently, and there have been some really special moments of connection.

If meeting locals and experiencing a Moroccan way of life sounds like your kind of trip, I recently created our Go Local in Morocco itinerary that delivers just that!


Morocco holiday 2024 things to know before your morocco holiday

Unfortunately, you will see some damage

It would be irresponsible of me to sugarcoat this one; the effects of the earthquake will be seen in Morocco for some time to come. More specifically, repairs continue on several historical buildings in Marrakesh, so you will see some scaffolding here and there, and in the Atlas those that tragically lost their homes are in temporary, tented accommodation awaiting more financial assistance that the government is rolling out. Staff at Atlas Mountain hotels are likely to have lost friends or family members, so sensitivity is needed.

We spoke with the owners at Kasbah Angour, a fabulous Atlas hotel we have used for years, about the situation and how their staff and locals in the surrounding villages feel about travellers coming to the country after the earthquake. All stressed how happy they were to continue seeing visitors in their homeland, and my clients also felt this sentiment as they met people out on hikes or other local excursions. Small acts of kindness and a smile will go a long way if you’re in the Atlas Mountains in the coming months and through 2024.


Morocco holiday

You’re in safe hands!

There is a reason why we’ve been working with our agents in Morocco for such a long time – they just look after our clients so very well. From a warm welcome at the airport to our knowledgeable city guides, passionate driver guides, and local reps on the end of a phone line any time you need them, you’ll really feel like they care deeply about your experience in their country.

If you’re worried about travelling in Morocco after the earthquake, this is the exact reason why you book through a company like us: you have an experienced team right there on hand to look after you and make sure you have the best possible time. And trust me – you will!


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If you’re ready to think about a spring 2024 Morocco trip – late April into May is the perfect time to go this coming year, after Ramadan but when the weather is gorgeous! – then get in touch with Emma or Rebecca now.