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5 travel books to inspire your wanderlust

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Today is #NationalBookLoversDay. We love a good book here at HA. Books are there for the dreamers, they’re there to allow us an escape to another time, place or world. For many, they’ve been a bit of a salvation this last year or so, allowing us to travel to far of shores during a time when, for once, that wasn’t possible.

To mark the occasion, here are 5 travel-related books recommended by our travel-loving team, for those days when you want to kick back, relax, and transport yourself to a far-off world…


Travel books to inspire your wanderlust

1. The Travelling Cat Chronicles – Hiro Arikawa

Fenton, our Japan expert, was quick to recommend this book. His review: ‘Melancholy and heart-warming in equal measures, this is the story of a man and his cat that will appeal to even the most die-hard ‘dog person’.  A unique glimpse into modern, rural Japan that will make you want to retreat to the countryside to contemplate life itself.’

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Japan best travel books

Travel books to inspire your wanderlust2. Arabia Levison Wood

This book follows Levison’s adventures through the heart of the Middle East. Following in the ancient footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, this book is an account of Levison’s 5000-mile journey through the heart of the Middle East. Travelling through 13 countries, crossing the Arabian Peninsula, and learning about the region through the stories and lives of the people he meets, it’s a fascinating insight into a world we don’t often hear about. This book will transport you away from your sofa to a land of epic mystery, history, religious and spiritual adventure.

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Oman best  travel books


Travel books to inspire your wanderlust

3. Dark Star Safari Paul Theroux

Paul Theroux is the father of the iconic interviewer, Louis. This book follows his travels from Cairo to Cape Town in the most authentic way possible, only taking one flight – an impressive feat at 60 years old! Theroux really takes you deep under the skin of Africa, referring to it as a ‘dark star’ as he makes his way through lands that have faced many troubles and adversities over the years. Travelling through Egypt, Kenya, TanzaniaUganda and South Africa (and more!) this is a tale of unpredictable adventures and the pages give you a window into real Africa.

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Africa best travel books

Travel books to inspire your wanderlust

4. The Motorcycle Diaries Che Guevara

The Motorcycle Diaries are the diaries of a young Guevara as he embarks on an epic adventure and explores the wonders of South America on the back of a bike. Reading tales written by iconic Che Guevara is never a bore and the pages are crammed full of dramatic adventures and youthful escapades as Che travels from one drink to the next. The adventures in this book would make for an eventful life and full memoir alone, without the epic life he had to come.

If you’re more of a film buff than a bookworm, then you’re in luck. Che’s adventures were made into an Oscar-winning film back in 2004, the perfect Sunday film to wake your wanderlust.

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Travel books to inspire your wanderlustTravel books to inspire your wanderlust

5. Married to a Bedouin – Marguerite van Geldermalsen

This is the tale of Marguerite, a New Zealand-born nurse, who met a Bedouin whilst travelling through the Middle East in 1978. Mohammed, a charismatic souvenier-seller, invited her and her friend to stay in his cave and, never ones to turn down an adventure, they said yes. And that was the beginning of their love story. They married and lived together within the 2,000 year old ancient caves of Petra. She worked as the resident nurse and learned to live like the Bedouin. She’d cook traditional dinners over an open fire, collect water using donkeys, and drink sweet black tea. Her story is truly extraordinary and makes for a fantastic read.

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