The Cape Peninsula

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Most first-time visitors to South Africa will spend a few nights in Cape Town and travel down the Cape Peninsula as a day-trip. However there are some notable advantages to actually staying somewhere on the peninsula, not least of which is that it becomes that bit easier to explore the attractions of this amazing stretch of land. The peninsula has a wealth of small villages, attractive bays and beaches, nature trails and wildlife to explore and enjoy: they can never all be covered in a daytrip from Cape Town, but those staying amongst it all can potter round it all at their leisure. And whilst no-one can deny the impressive backdrop and views in Cape Town, the vistas from your room on the peninsula are likely to be just as stunning, and that bit more wild. Staying on the peninsula is also a good option for those who prefer a gentler pace of life. The towns and villages here are generally sleepy places, but thankfully provide well for visitors, with decent restaurants and shops. There is an awful lot to be said for spending a few days on the Cape Peninsula: it really is one of the most beautiful areas of the country that really invites you to get under its skin and appreciate its natural beauty.

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