The penguins of Boulder's Beach

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Boulders Beach is just south of Simon’s Town and is host to a huge colony of Jackass Penguins, so called because of their braying calls. In fact, it’s hard to believe this sound comes from such a small, cute animal! A boardwalk winds through the shoreline vegetation, past the huge rounded rocks that give Boulders Beach its name; the boardwalk is necessary to raise visitors from the surrounding scrub because the penguins nest here in huge numbers, often right up against the boardwalk, allowing you eye-to-eye contact. The beach itself is small and white sand, the water swirling around more large boulders. There are nearly always penguins swimming and surfing the waves in – you are more than welcome to join them if you can brave the cold water! It’s a great place to come and get close to nature, but please remember not to get too close or try to touch the penguins.

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