Temples of the Sun & Moon, Dragon, Huanchaco and Chan Chan

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You will be collected from your hotel this morning for a comprehensive tour of the key pre-Inca sights located around Trujillo. First stop is at the Temples of the Sun & Moon, striking an impressive profile in the bleak desert of the Moche Valley. The size of the Sun Temple alone suggests its importance during the era of the Moche between 200 and 600 AD, but the smaller and better-preserved Moon Temple is where you will spend more time, taking in the impressive colourful friezes to be found inside. Travel a little further through the Moche Valley to visit the enormous adobe city of Chan Chan, one-time capital of the Chimu empire, and also to Huaca del Dragon, a pre-Inca temple with elaborate carvings on its main wall. A stop for lunch will be made during the day at Huanchaco, a coastal town 12 kilometres outside Trujillo, where traditional reed boats employing methods dating back to the Moche era are still constructed and sailed by the locals here.

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