Lunch with a Bedouin Family

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The Bedouin people of Oman are the country’s traditional nomadic communities, mostly inhabiting the Wahiba Sands area. In centuries gone by they travelled across the dunes raising camels and goats, living in tented accommodation and a very simple way of life. It’s no secret that the modern world has changed this over the last couple of decades, and authentic Bedouin life is becoming far less commonplace with many locals splitting their time between the desert and more modern villages and towns nearby, but visitors to the country can still experience a taste of the Oman of times gone by.

On this excursion in the Wahiba Sands you’ll stop by a traditional Bedouin home and enjoy lunch prepared by nomads. You’ll witness how they turn simple ingredients – bread, rice, local meat or fish – into a delicious feast, followed by Omani coffee (which is coffee like no other!) and of course an abundance of plump, sweet dates to finish. During the meal your guide will help to translate conversation between you and the family, offering the perfect way for you to connect with the locals and understand their culture on a personal level.

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