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Tok Tokkie guided walking trails explore in thorough detail the rugged kopjes, high dunes and wide valleys of the breathtaking Namibrand Nature Reserve. In addition to the trademark outstanding vistas and iconic desert wildlife, exploring on foot means you’ll see and feel the small wonders of the desert that you’d miss on a drive. Carrying only a small bag, the walks are undemanding and your guide frequently stops to provide refreshments and discuss natural wonders, from unexplained fairy circles to the bizarre survival techniques of some of the desert’s smallest inhabitants.

All of this is highly enjoyable, but perhaps most memorable of all are the evenings. After rejuvenating in a hot bucket shower, you’ll enjoy sundowners and a three course meal, before nightcaps by a campfire. The night is then spent on a stretcher bed under the expansive curtain of stars, an experience that is at once comfortable and extremely liberating! And what a night sky it is – the Namibrand has been declared Africa’s First Dark Sky Reserve (Gold Tier). This is awarded to areas with night-time environments that have little to no impact from light pollution and artificial light. The Namibrand’s nearest neighbouring communities are small and lie some 60 miles distant, so the reserve’s sky is one of the darkest yet measured!

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