Sesriem Canyon

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Most lodges with inclusive activities offer a guided visit to Sesriem Canyon, although in truth it is very easy to visit yourself if you are on a self-drive itinerary. This long, narrow fissure, up to 25 metres deep in places, can be rather underwhelming at times, although it is of historical interest because this is where early settlers used to draw most of their water when struggling to survive in the arid desert. Small pools form at the bottom of the canyon when rains are heavy, which can provide for a cooling dip if you’ve been out exploring in the heat of the day, but for much of the year the bed of the canyon is dry. Unless there is a flash flood, it is always possible to walk down a path onto the canyon floor, and the spectacle is more impressive from within. Walks along the bed give an idea of the thousands of years of wind, rain and erosion that has come to bear in the formation of the canyon.

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