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The Herero are an ethnic group that live in Southern Africa, predominantly in Namibia, with various settlements close to the Waterberg area. They are actually split into a number of sub-groups, including the renowned Himba who live further west, with the main unifying factors including a cattle farming lifestyle and varying dialects of the largely similar Herero language. Many of their traditions and ways of life are relatively unchanged, particularly in more remote communities, and the guided cultural tour from Waterberg Wilderness Lodge offers the chance to gain a unique insight into life in a traditional Herero village.

After first dropping by at a small, humble settlement to chat with the Herero and take some photographs, you will be taken to the larger village of Okakarara to visit the school, market and community centre. Generally taking place in the morning, this excursion is rounded off with a traditional song and dance performance by the Herero women, before street snacks can be purchased at the market to keep you going for the journey back to the lodge.

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