Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Why not share your stay in Tokyo with the King of the Monsters himself?  Towering over the neon glitz and shining signs of the Kabukicho district, the Gracery in Shinjuku has space for hundreds of visitors, and precisely one Godzilla.  Although the kaiju (monster) is a prominent feature of the hotel – with the 12-metre tall head of Godzilla peeking over the side of the building – this is more than just a novelty landmark.  With great service, clean and well-appointed guestrooms, and an outstanding address in the heart of Tokyo’s liveliest and busiest neighbourhood, the Gracery is the perfect place to begin your Japanese adventures.

Nearly 1000 rooms occupy the top 22 floors of the Toho Building – an obvious building to locate, thanks to the prominent Godzilla statue – with the 24/7 hubbub of Shinjuku surrounding you on all sides.  Located a few hundred metres from the world’s busiest train station, Shinjuku Station, this is not the place to stay if you don’t appreciate crowds – but for anyone seeking the epicentre of the action, it’s the perfect address.  Despite the numerous other guests, and the throng of pedestrians outside, the Gracery retains an air of calm inside.  Check-in is quick and efficient, rooms are comfortable and minimalist, and Gojira only roars during the day time – so you should sleep soundly!

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