Noto Peninsula

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Just north of Kanazawa is one of Japan’s best kept secrets – the Noto Peninsula.  With stunning rocky coastlines, quaint fishing villages, and a verdant green interior, rich with agriculture, this region is a microcosm of rural Japan.  Jutting out of the Ishikawa region into the Sea of Japan, the peninsula has an island feel, largely adrift from the modern world.

There are many ways to reach the Noto Peninsula – we can organise a rental car, which will give you the most freedom to explore, but public transport does exist to reach a number of fascinating destinations, with a few train options, and a reliable (though somewhat infrequent) network of buses for the more intrepid of visitors.

If you have a few days to spare, and a peloton’s worth of friends with you, we can organise an escorted cycling trip around the peninsula, staying in traditional accommodation and seeing rural landscapes and hidden gems throughout your travels. This can be linked up well with a journey to the other key parts of Japan: cycling clubs, get in touch!


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