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The great outdoors awaits here. With breath-taking scenery at every turn and a whole host of active adventures to try, this is a perfect place to be on the go – in between a few hours of relaxation as well of course. Patagonia is a region of sweeping landscapes that can only really be appreciated by being outside. Of course, the usual hiking, horse-riding and mountain biking adventures are amazing here and shouldn’t be missed but there is more if you are looking to really get under the skin of the country. Adventure doesn’t have to be adrenalin-fuelled either. Kayaking among the glaciers around Perito Moreno doesn’t need any previous experience, nor does a chance to get up close the dazzling glacier itself by strapping crampons on to your feet to walk over its surface. Adventure to some people just means getting away from crowds and off the beaten-track to discover little local secrets and hidden treasures by themselves. We can give you the advice if you want to hire bikes to explore by yourselves or navigate lakes, forests and scenic roads and trails in your own vehicle. We can also take you by 4×4 with expert guidance to remote regions that few visit if you want something truly unique.

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