Sunset in U Bein bridge, Myanmar.

Why Holiday Architects?

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Things are difficult right now. We’re all navigating through stormy, unknown waters. And for once, holidays might not be at the forefront of our minds. But it won’t be like this forever. This storm will pass, and when it does our world is out there waiting to be explored and appreciated like never before.

The unprecedented nature of Covid-19, and the impact it has had on holidays, travel and the travel industry in general, may make people anxious about booking a holiday for the future. It’s our job as a tour operator, to reassure and help you to make the right decision about booking a holiday to escape to once it’s safe to do so. To help with this, we’ve adapted the way we work to allow for more flexibility when you make travel plans. Read more about our flexibility promise here.

By booking through us, as opposed to independently, your money is 100% protected and so are you. With our 24-hour support, our team worked tirelessly to ensure every single one of our clients travelling during the Covid-19 outbreak made it home safely and with as little stress as possible. This is why, perhaps now more than ever, the benefits of booking through a tour operator become clear. 

Here’s why we think you should consider Holiday Architects for your much-needed, post-quarantine break and avoid the further stresses and strains of trying to arrange a trip independently… 

You are at the centre of everything we do

Here at HA, you come first. You are at the centre of everything we do. Over the last ten years, HA has been built on the key ethos of taking the time to really listen to our clients. At our heart we are a family-run business, so you’ll always be treated as a person, never a number with us. 

Every single element of every holiday we design is tailored with the individual client in mind. You’ll find no ‘one-size-fits-all’ packages here! We understand that everyone’s interests, hopes, needs and expectations are unique. Your holiday is yours alone, and it’s our job to tweak and tinker with it, until it’s perfect. 

You can trust us to be there every step of the way

When you book a holiday with Holiday Architects, you get peace of mind. Your dedicated specialist will handle the logistics, planning and paperwork so you don’t have to. 

From your first call, all the way through to when you land home after your adventure, you’ll have our support. 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Travel is all about the thrill of adventure. And sometimes — as we’re all too aware of right now — that brings with it the unexpected. Booking with Holiday Architects leaves you free to embrace every moment of your experience, safe in the knowledge that should anything happen, we’re there to help. 

You’ll be given an emergency phone number that will get your straight through to a member of the Holiday Architects team any time, day or night. 

It’s not just our in-office support you’ll have behind you either. We’re lucky enough to have fantastic and friendly agents on the ground in every destination. So, you’ll have in-person support close at hand, always, should you need it. 

Your holiday is safe with us

Upon booking, you can rest easy, as your money is 100% protected either by our ATOL bonding or through our Travel Vault membership.

The one message we want to communicate to you is simple: however you pay us and whatever kind of holiday you’re taking with us, your money is 100% protected. So, if we were to cease trading at any point after you paid us money, you would be 100% guaranteed to get that money back in the event that your holiday couldn’t go ahead. More information on this can be found in our Financial Protection document here. 

Our specialists know their stuff

Every HA travel expert knows their destination inside and out. They have a deep-rooted connection with the country they sell and a true passion for it. Reading travel guides and blogs is one thing, but nothing can compare to the first-hand knowledge of someone who has lived, breathed and experienced a country and a culture for themselves. This unique insight is what you get when you call Holiday Architects. We’re here to walk you down the streets of your itinerary and bring your holiday plans to life before you’ve even left home. 

Speak with your designated specialist about your passions and exactly what you look for from a holiday. It is their job to match your interests with experiences and design an itinerary perfect for you. Your personal specialist will be your only point of contact throughout the whole process of planning your holiday. There’s no passing you from pillar to post with us!

We value your hard-earned pennies

Your money is hard-earned, and we’ll always ensure it goes as far as possible for you. Here at Holiday Architects, you’ll never see any ‘money off’ deals or ‘discount codes’. This is simply because we always design every holiday as economically as we can for you. We’ve always worked against only offering these benefits during a flash sale.

Your HA travel specialist will always work to find you the best deal on that exclusive hotel, advise on the which flight times and routes would achieve the lowest fare or nab you a cheeky free upgrade if there might be one going.

We believe your holiday should be as unique as you are

Travel is all about new discovery. It’s not about following a trail of tourists all visiting the same sights and eating in the same places. It’s our job to design you an itinerary that avoids the tourist traps often included in other more ‘off-the-peg’ travel packages.

We fight to uncover the quirky. From finding the most unique hotel to rest your travel-weary head, to sharing hints about secret local landmarks or simply the best café to sample the local delicacy, you’ll get the first-hand knowledge needed to create a truly unforgettable trip with HA.  


The benefits of booking a holiday through a tour operator are clear – it is our job to make your life as stress-free as possible. No more so than at a time like this. We’re all in this together. The Covid-19 crisis is impacting us all in very different and very similar ways. 

The travel industry worldwide is facing a monumental and unprecedented challenge right now. From tour operators all the way through to local street sellers, and small business owners around the world whose livelihoods rely on tourism. The whole industry needs your help. 

Ultimately, we, like many others, are urging you to support the travel industry by rescheduling not cancelling. Or better still, consider booking a trip now for next year. Doing so will mean you’ll have something in the diary to look forward to through this difficult time, and you’ll be helping to sustain a much-loved industry in the process.

Thank you.