Kirsty Botswana adventure

Kirsty’s Botswana Adventure

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Wondering where to go in Botswana? You’re in luck… Back at the end of last year, our Southern Africa expert, Kirsty, headed back to this part of southern Africa that she loves so much. Have a read of her adventure highlights below for plenty of ideas – and soak up all the wild beauty she managed to capture in those stellar photographs!

If Botswana is on your holiday wishlist, Kirsty is the woman to talk to. She’s on the end of the phone at 01242 253 073 ready to tell you all about her trip first-hand, and help design your perfect visit, too!


“After far too long a break since my last visit, it was so wonderful to be back in Botswana, experiencing the uniqueness of this true safari region. It had been so long that even I was beginning to question if all the hype was worth it. In short – Botswana is so special and worth every single bit of it! If you’re wondering where to go in Botswana, following the route I took on this trip would be a great place to start.

Mid-November is a great time to be there – yes it’s very hot – but the rains are just beginning and bring a lovely cooling relief from the really intense heat of October. What’s more, the rains give the landscape a refreshing tinge of green as the landscape starts coming alive again after the dry season.  Leaves are reappearing on the trees, migratory birds are returning and there is an increase in baby animals.

Nxai Pan

I started my trip in Nxai Pan in the Central Kalahari region – staying at Kwando Nxai Pan Camp. The camp is a brilliant one, located opposite a waterhole that is quite literally a magnet for elephants – what a start to my stay watching dozens of elephants enjoying the water and a mud bath.


Botswana sunset drinks


Nxai Pan itself is a salt pan famous for a group of seven iconic baobab trees called Baines Baobabs.  These trees are thought to be over 1000 years old and were immortalized in paintings by the 19th-century artist and explorer, Thomas Baines. At this time of year, a trip to Nxai Pan also offers the opportunity to witness the start of the zebra migration. This phenomenon may not be as famous as the wildebeest migration in East Africa, but it’s still a significant event in the natural world, and seeing such huge numbers of zebra congregating together was a real highlight for me.




The Okavango Delta

Leaving Nxai Pan we flew into the Okavango Delta.  And let’s face it, any list of suggestions of where to go in Botswana would be falling short if it didn’t include the Delta! Flying by light aircraft over the expansive wilderness is one of my favourite things about travelling in Botswana. You really feel miles from anywhere – and the low-level flying means you can often spot wildlife from the air – especially around waterholes. It’s such a unique and different perspective! In November, the Delta’s waterways are still dry apart from the areas of permanent water – however, the start of the rains means the landscape is changing rapidly, and you can really see that from the air.


botswana holidays Okavango Delta


The final part of our journey into the Delta was an incredible helicopter transfer. A helicopter excursion is an optional extra at several camps and having had this quick 10-minute taster of the experience, I would say it is worth every penny!


Botswana holidays


Our first night in the Okavango Delta was at Kwando 4 Rivers – a new camp overlooking a small permanent lagoon, and it’s absolutely fabulous. Top tip: Book it while they still have ‘opening’ special rates!

We headed out on a wonderful sunset drive overlooking the waters of the Delta and were then treated to a surprise “bush dinner” – would you look at that setting!


Bush dinner Okavango Delta Botswana


And then the following morning we took off on foot for a guided game walk through the plains with a truly fantastic guide. The guides are so brilliant here, they really know their stuff – whether it’s reading animal tracks or telling you all the details you could ever want to know about different flora and fauna, your eyes and your brain will be busy! 

Our second two nights were at Mma Dinare also in the Delta – overlooking the stunning Gomoti River.  What a wildlife experience! The photos really do tell a thousand words – elephants, lion, leopard, cheetah and wonderful bird life too! Two of my safari highlights (perhaps of all time!) was seeing three cheetah brothers and also a leopard mother and a cub together. They were two moments that just make you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.


Chobe Riverfront

Our final stop in Botswana was Chobe Safari Lodge. We chucked our bags and then headed straight out for a glorious sunset boat cruise on the Chobe River, spotting the HUGE crocs as the sun sunk lower in the sky.

Then the following morning were treated to a wildlife-packed game drive in Chobe National Park.  This is a much busier part of Botswana, but there’s still some excellent wildlife and bird viewing! (And Botswana is never really busy by most people’s standards!)


Livingstone, Zambia

The final adventure of my trip took place over the border in Livingstone, Zambia. I was there for Africa’s Eden trade show (#Africaseden if you want to find out more!) – which included a ride on the beautiful Bushtracks Steam train onto the Victoria Falls Bridget straddling Zambia & Zimbabwe to watch the sunset and a Zambezi sunset cruise. It was special!


All in all, my time in Botswana was every bit as special as I expected it to be. I got to explore some brilliant new lodges, and scope out the very best ideas for your holidays. I love my job every day, but sometimes I feel extra specially lucky! Do get in touch if a Botswana holiday is on your wish list, I’d love to help bring it to life for you.”



Kirsty where to go in botswana


You heard Kirsty! Pick up that phone and give us her a call on 01242 253 073 or drop her an email at [email protected] if you think a Botswana holiday could brighten up your year. She’d be so happy to hear from you (and relive her latest adventure again!)


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