When to go to Costa Rica

When to go to Costa Rica

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Wondering when to go to Costa Rica for a serious taste of Pura Vida wildlife? In all honesty, there’s no bad time to go to Costa Rica. Yes, certain months will bring more rain – but you’ll be rewarded for your fearless soggy ways by quieter sights and pristine beaches.

Costa Rica has a few micro-climates. So, when it’s beautifully dry in one region, you’ll need your waterproofs at the ready in others.

If you’re looking to get the best price for your Costa Rica adventure, the peak weeks over Christmas and Easter should be dodged if possible. Things get exceptionally busy over these periods and it can prove tricky to snap up space in your accommodation of choice – particularly our favourite, small boutique options! (Unless you’re super-organised and booking way in advance, of course!) Aim for mid-January for great weather and fewer crowds!


Read on for our climate guide to find out when to go to Costa Rica.

When to go to Costa Rica: Month by month

When to go to Costa Rica - Red eyed tree frog in Costa Rica rainforest

When to go to Costa Rica (at a glance):


Costa Rica Climate Guide

Costa Rica in January

Summary: A great time to visit. Beautiful beaches, lush rainforest and it’s not too busy either! 

Ticos love nothing more than spending their New Year celebrating on their beautiful beaches. And who can blame them?! If you’re looking to start your year with a slice of Pura Vida, waiting until after the first week of January is a great plan. The rainforests will still be lush and green from the rainy season, the crowds less and the weather perfect for a fair few weeks! (Well, as ‘perfect’ as it’s possible to predict – Costa Rica is a country of rainforests after all!)

When to got to Costa Rica – Costa Rica Climate Guide

Costa Rica in February

Summary: Great weather, lush rainforests and stunning beaches.

Crowd numbers are starting to pick up a little by the time February rolls around. But, this is still a great time to visit weather-wise. The rainforests are lush and green, the rivers are still roaring from the rainy season if rafting is on the agenda and the climate is lovely. The Osa Peninsula is stunning in February, and Quetzales are nesting in the cloud forests. The Caribbean coast will be a little rainy in the afternoons, but nothing that a raincoat (or a well-timed siesta) can’t fix!



Costa Rica in March–April

Summary: Costa Rica’s dry season, so expect great weather. But, the Easter holidays do mean things get busier! 

The months of March and April are right slap bang in Costa Rica’s dry season. If you’re after some adrenaline-infused white-water rafting, this wouldn’t be the best time of year to choose due to the rivers dropping a little too low. The weeks that fall over Easter break can, as you’d expect, get very busy – with tourists and locals flocking to the beauty spots.

Costa rica osa peninsula When to go to Costa Rica

Costa Rica in May–June

Summary: A beautifully quiet, but slightly rainier time in Costa Rica. 

If you’re looking for when to go to Costa Rica to avoid the crowds, May and June could be a brilliant bet. These months see the drizzle of the rainy season start to return, but the rain and cooler temperatures come as a welcome relief to the wildlife and rainforests. Visitor numbers are quite low over these months, so if you’re not put off by a bit of rain, this could be a great time of year to choose with less people to share the Pura Vida sights with. What’s more, it’s the perfect time to catch a glimpse of the sea turtles nesting on the beaches!

nesting turtles when to go to Costa Rica


Costa Rica in July and August

Summary: A brilliant time to go to Costa Rica, with good weather without the peak season crowds

If you’re looking for the best time to visit Costa Rica that will give you fair weather, and fewer people – July and August are great bets. The rains usually dry up a little this time of year, but the rivers are still full and flowing – perfect for rafting. What’s more, if you’re heading down to the Osa Peninsula (we HUGELY recommend it by the way!), Antarctic humpback whales are often spotted in the bath-like waters of the Golfo Dulce: A holiday highlight for sure.


Dawn Smith - Costa Rica expert - when to go to Costa Rica

A note from Dawn

“One of my favourite ever memories of all of my time spent in Costa Rica is my boat trip over the Golfo Dulce to Playa Cativo. It was like a mill pond, and before I knew it, dolphins AND whales were dancing out of the water before my very eyes. Pure Pura Vida magic that was, I still get goosebumps when I think about it now. July and August are brilliant off-peak times to visit Costa Rica. The rain has usually eased up, but the beaches and rainforests will be much quieter than peak times!” 






























Costa Rica in September and October

Summary: The best time of year to visit the Caribbean Coast! Lots of rain across most of the rest of the country, but not many people either – so great discounts to be had! 

Rain is the order of the day over the months of September and October. If you’re heading to the Pacific coast and the central regions, you’ll most definitely need to pack your waterproofs! However – the soggy weather means you’re likely to have the sloths, monkeys and beaches all to yourself, so it’s not without its upsides. There are also plenty of discounted rates to be snapped up over these months. Plus, you can break up the showers with a trip to the Caribbean Coast. There you can expect to be bathed in sunshine as they’re enjoying their warmest, driest weather over these months.


When to go to Costa Rica – Caribbean Coast

Costa Rica in November and December

Summary: November is unpredictable! But, the touch-and-go weather means fewer crowds and lower prices. December gets better, but it’s busy over the holidays! 

These months are a bit of a gamble! There’s no telling what you’ll get weather-wise… November could be beautifully dry, or you could get more rain than the previous months. However, with the risk, come lower prices and plenty of availability in the hotels. The weather gets more predictable by the end of the year, but with Christmas and New Year holidays to contend with, prices ramp up and so do the crowds.


When to go to Costa Rica


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