Our 7 holiday trend predictions…

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Our 6 holiday-trend predictions… 

Our life has been on hold and we’ve all missed so much. Family meet ups, special occasions and those holidays that always provide such a welcome slice of respite in our calendars.

But, with us taking the first steps back into normality and some holidaying happening already (despite some traffic light hurdles!), travel is slowly but surely finding its way back onto our priority lists again. We’ve really been thinking about what will be important for you to get from your holidays as the world opens back up once more. We’re about to get a bit Mystic Meg on you…


Below are our 6 travel-trend predictions for the coming year

The travel-related news these last few weeks hasn’t been the greatest. However we’re still so excited to be back doing what we love – designing holidays for you – particularly as we know they’ve never been needed more. Because, let’s face it, life is always a little brighter when you’ve got a holiday in the diary! 


1. A lean towards wide open spaces and the path less travelled

This last year has been all about social distancing and maintaining personal space. So, we’re expecting holidays to lesser-visited areas and quiet spots to be higher on the agenda than ever before.  Seeking out lesser-visited gems just happens to be our speciality, so we’ve got you covered here!

Where? – Namibia

Namibia with Holiday Architects Tailor made holiday

Namibia is famous for its sweeping desert, wild coastline, rugged mountains, diverse wildlife and vast open spaces. All of which can be appreciated in the comfort of your own car on an incredible self-drive adventure. With no crowds to speak of here, you won’t have to share the wide open roads, framed by spectacular scenery and endless horizons. Find out more >


2. A focus on enjoying wildlife and protecting it in the process

This worldwide pause has been beneficial to much of our world’s wildlife – as we explored last week. However, it’s had its drawbacks too. The lack of tourism in certain parts of Africa has had a detrimental impact. Fewer eyes have meant increased opportunities for poachers to move about the national parks unseen, giving them more chances to harm the precious animals for their tusks.

Where? – South Africa

South Africa self-drive adventure with Holiday Architects

It’s rare to come across a holiday bucket list that doesn’t feature ‘African safari’ fairly high up! And we’re all for this. Witnessing these phenomenal animals going about their days safely in their natural habitat really is an honour and experience like no other. Find out more >


3. Looking forward to marking missed occasions at last 

So many birthdays, anniversaries and occasions will have been and gone over the last year, with celebrations having to be considerably more low-key than we’d like. Perhaps you’ve made it to your ruby wedding anniversary, turned the big 5-0 or even tied the knot? Now the world is opening, missed celebrations are the perfect excuse to plan the holiday to beat all holidays.

Where? – Canada

Canada with HA

Canada is a vast country, offering an extraordinarily wide range of scenery and experiences – everything from beautiful beaches to snow-capped mountains, wild outdoor adventures to gentle lake cruises. Boasting some iconic wildlife it is also known for the friendly locals and laid-back approach to life. With some of the most beautiful lakes and national parks on earth, you’d struggle to celebrate with a better view… Find out more >


4. A focus on supporting local communities

One of the lovely side-effects of an otherwise horrendous year has been an increased focus on the importance of supporting local businesses. Neighbours have been there for eachother and everywhere you look, people are going out of their way to show kindness for others. 

Here at HA we have always prided ourselves on the ability to really seek out the unique, authentic and local experiences that will get you under the skin of a country. We believe this renewed focus on supporting local will carry through into travel, with more holidayers ensuring their adventures feature plenty of authentic, local experiences. 

Where? – Vietnam

Vietnam off the beaten track with Holiday Architects

We’re great believers that many of the highlights of any holiday come from the people you meet and the things you learn while you’re away. Travel broadens our horizons, and this is one of the many reasons it’s so valuable and important. This day in Mai Chau, will see you meeting, eating and talking with local people. Learning about their days and their lives. A magic addition to any Vietnam holiday. Find out more >


5. A family holiday to reward the kids

We’ve all been through an awful lot this year, but our kids more so than most. Not being able to see their friends or go to school, spending an insufferable amount of time with us adults, yet still having to deal with the stress of exams and all of the general angst that comes with growing up. It’s undeniable that they deserve a treat. We’re excited to design lots of big family-focused ‘treat the kids’ holidays for the next year. 

Where? – Costa Rica

Costa Rica Holiday Architects

If you’re looking for a dream family holiday destination with beaches, sunshine, wonderful people and a fantastic ethos, Costa Rica could be the perfect option for you. This green country lives and breathes it’s ‘Pura Vida’ motto. And you’ll have plenty of space to keep your distance too on the wide expanses of beach and endless lengths of jungle to explore. There’s no shortage of adventures to be had and activities to enjoy either – so the kids will be in their element from start to finish. Find out more >


6. The desire to revisit where we love 

We’ve been confined to our own four walls for far too long, missing all the people and places that lay beyond them. We all know the feeling of falling in love with a new place on holiday. The people, the sights, the climate, the food. We all have that place abroad that has a special place in our hearts and always will. There will be a great number of holidaymakers desperate to return to their favourite spots once more.

Where? – Oman

Oman with Holiday Architects

For many of the HA team, Oman is a place we love to revisit. A perfect clash of ancient architecture, culture and traditions harmoniously living alongside modern development – we’re so excited to return. But, where have you been dreaming of and armchair travelling to over the last year? We’re sure that wherever it is, they can’t wait to have you back! Find out more about our much-loved Oman >


7. Giving ourselves permission to ‘go big’

All too often life gets in the way of plans to go on that life-changing holiday to the place of our dreams. These are normally travels that take us a little further afield and involve a bit more adventure than your average sunny holiday. After the year we’ve all experienced, we know we’re more excited than ever to plan a getaway that will involve more excitement and new experiences than we can wave a plane ticket at. After the last year of weirdness, we all deserve that.

Where? – Japan

Japan with Holiday Architects

Japan – the Land of the Rising Sun – is an island nation, rich in culture and natural beauty, that has been an enigma to the West for as long as it’s been known. What better way to celebrate the hold on your holidays coming to an end than exploring somewhere so beautifully different in culture, architecture and almost every way to home? Find out more >



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