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Vil Uyana is a glorious eco-friendly hotel made up of indulgent and independent stilted dwellings. The resort has a distinct Balinese style, and is set within a man made wetland system and nature reserve creating a uniquely peaceful setting, just a 5km journey to Sigiriya Rock. From some dwellings and parts of the property it is possible to see the UNESCO World Heritage site. The whole resort is very open and airy, with walkways leading across ponds and through forested areas. There are several places to dine: from a fine dining restaurant to a eating in a tree house.

There are 25 bungalows in total, these are divided into: Garden Dwellings, Paddy Field/Marsh Dwellings, Water Dwellings, and Forest Dwellings. The Garden Dwellings are the newest addition to Vil Uyana and are rustic in appearance but modern and comfortable, we’ve not seen these yet. The Paddy/Marsh Dwellings are built on stilts over marsh or paddy and each has their own deck with inspiring views.  They are spacious and have large tubs and a lounge area.  The Water Dwellings have woven ceilings, wooden floors and a balcony overlooking the lake, they are very similar to the Paddy and Marsh rooms, only the views are different. The Forest Dwellings are the biggest with two levels, with a spacious living room and bathroom upstairs and a dining room and private pool downstairs.

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