Local Village Activities in Tissamaharama

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The village of Tissamaharama is a wonderful place to get involved with hands-on activities in the community and experience the local way of living. There are several experiences that we particularly recommend such as:

Buffalo Curd Making – Visit a village home where the experts teach you the secrets of making perfect buffalo curd. End your lesson with a delightful tasting of this popular and delicious dessert.

Farmer’s Lunch – You have not really eaten until your taste buds have experienced the spicy local fare of traditional rice with freshly ground coconut sambol, fish curry made from the catch of the day, lentils, young jackfruit curry, and the freshest greens. This is your opportunity to taste the best of country cooking, with a sumptuous farmers banquet lunch prepared before your eyes. To work up your appetite, join our resident naturalist on a short trek through the surrounding area for some fascinating bird watching.

Lake Fishing Experience with a Local Fisherman – There’ll be an early start but it will be well worth it – set out on a traditional canoe to try and catch your own breakfast, bring it ashore and let the fishermen cook you a delicious, fresh breakfast picnic that you can enjoy. While your meal is prepared, you can while away your time with some rod fishing or by photographing breath-taking surroundings.

Palmyrah Weaving Lesson – Learn the ancient art of weaving Palmyrah leaves by local artisans. They will teach you how to make a ‘wicker’ basket or drinks coaster and you can take your masterpiece home with you!

Pottery Making Lesson – Visit a local potter who has made pottery for the village and beyond for decades, and has become quite well known in the area for his work. Try your hand at making a bowl or vase with his help and if there is enough time before the end of your trip (it will need to be properly finished in the kiln and cooled) you may be able to take your piece home with you!

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