The Cango Caves

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The Cango Caves are scoured into the limestone hills north of Oudtshoorn and the whole system extends over four kilometres, although you can’t explore all of it without some serious caving equipment! Fortunately the largest cavern has been beautifully lit to show off its best features, huge stalactites and stalagmites, some of which have coalesced into huge formations resembling organ pipes or enormous lumps of brain coral. The main cavern is easily accessed via steps and stairways, and is obviously well lit; regular tours take you round the highlights. For the less claustrophobic and more daring, there is a longer adventure tour that takes in all the highlights of the main cavern but then also continues up ladders, through narrow cracks and along features with names like “Lumbago Alley”. It’s exciting and fascinating, but not for everyone; fortunately the standard tour on its own ranks up there as one of the two or three most amazing natural spectacles in South Africa, an absolute must-see if you’re in the region.

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