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A number of the private lodges offer a sleep-out experience. Typically they will have a platform built into a tree somewhere out in the reserve. Before dinner your ranger will drive you out to the platform where a table will be set out, along with a comfortable bed swathed in a mosquito net. After enjoying a meal and sundowner, you’ll be left alone with a lamp, a torch and a radio for an amazing night. Truth be told, you’re unlikely to sleep a great deal, the excitement of being right amongst the bush, straining to hear every sound and wondering what might be prowling around beneath you is likely to see to that. And once you do doze off, the dawn chorus of a million birds, ably supported by the monkeys, will rouse you in time for your ranger bringing you your breakfast. Sleep outs are a fantastic way for the adventurous to experience the bush; it goes without saying that they are of course weather-dependent!

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