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Pietman Retief has spent his whole life immersed in the Winelands, holding senior positions in the wine and brandy industries, as well as being heavily involved with South African sport. On top of this he is a keen amateur historian and a passionate supporter of South African culture. To cap it all off, he is also a real character and raconteur: so a wine tour with him is so much more than you might expect. By answering a few simple questions in advance of your tour, regarding your interests and level of wine knowledge, Pietman will then tailor a tour specifically for you, covering wine from the best, and least-known estates, with as much history and culture thrown in as suits you. His background opens many doors, and provides a unique insight into South Africa, its wine, its history and its people. You’ll come away having broadened your knowledge of the country significantly, and having done so in a most pleasurable way.

Pietman is just one example of the specialist wine guides who operate out of the same “stable” and his knowledge and breadth of experience are typical of all the guides. Other guides include those who’ve run their own vineyards, become master somerliers and worked in the wine industry all over the world. Each of the guides has the same passion for the region and its most famous produce, but each also has their own interests outside wine that will make the tour more informative and enjoyable.

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