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As you walk out onto the deck of the ticket office and restaurant at Monkeyland, you’re likely to catch a glimpse of a tail flashing up a tree, or be confronted by the unnerving sight of a gibbon stood upright on its two back legs, grasping a branch for balance in a manner that really brings home mankind’s evolution from the apes. You’ll set off through the forest sanctuary in the company of a guide who will tell you more about the 400 primates they have at Monkeyland, which include many different species of monkey, lemur, gibbons and bushbabies. They are cute, endearing and curious creatures and it’s a pleasure to be able to get so close to them and learn all about them. The primates were all rescued from unsuitable, caged captivity; unable to return fully to the wild, Monkeyland allows them an enormous amount of space to roam in (enough space that Monkeyland is home to Africa’s longest suspension brige, at 128 metres!), whilst providing them food. Monkeyland is located on The Crags outside Plettenberg Bay, near Birds of Eden, the Elephant Sanctuary and the Tenikwa Big Cat Experience, so a day spent up here allows you to interact with a wide array of fascinating and exhilarating animals and birds.

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