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The Ant Collection lodges in the Waterberg bushveld offers a range of rides for inexperienced and experienced riders alike. The private reserve offers an incredible diversity of terrain and scenery as well as wildlife, including many of the rarer species not easily observed elsewhere. With a horse riding safari, you’ll get closer to the wildlife such as impressive herds of antelope, and maybe even spot some elephants and rhinos. The Ant Collection Lodges take great care in matching the rider’s ability and confidence to their preference in type of mount. Rides will vary in pace and duration according to each guest’s desires and ability and their selection of reliable children’s ponies enable the experience of stunning game viewing to be shared by all. They even offer riding lessons for absolute beginners and their steady horses help develop confidence and ability.

Game viewing on horseback is a special experience: because the animals do not perceive horses as a threat, you can get much closer to the game than you can on foot, and you can do it without the sound of a game drive vehicle. It makes it a much more intimate game viewing experience, and one you should definitely consider.

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