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Sophie’s Quick Guide to the Perfect Cambodia Getaway

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Cambodia is open for travel!

More exciting news for travel and your holidays this week… a Cambodia holiday is back on the table as the beautiful country is the latest to open its doors to international travellers. Not only is it the ‘friendliest country in the world’ (Rough Guides says so!), but it’s now in the top 10 most vaccinated countries worldwide, too. Good on you Cambodia! With everything from pristine beaches to lush jungle, and perfect for couples or families alike, Cambodia could be the holiday destination you’ve been looking for.

 Sophie is our expert in all things Cambodia holidays here at HA, and what she doesn’t know about Cambodia is nobody’s business. So, what better way to celebrate it being open for travel, than hearing more about her first-hand experiences in the country and just why she loves it so much? Dive in below….  

Guide to Cambodia travel

Where is your favourite place to visit in Cambodia?

” An impossible question for someone who loves the country so much. Whilst I absolutely love returning again and again to Siem Reap and Phnom Penh to check out the latest hotels and seek out some new quirky excursions, nothing beats venturing further afield on a Cambodia holiday.

One of my top places to visit has to be Koh Kong, home to the stunning Cardamom Mountains. Completely away from it all I recently had the pleasure of getting totally off grid with a stay at the Wildlife Alliance Release Station; learning about the conservation and rehabilitation of animals rescued from illegal trade it is an incredibly rewarding stay. I would recommend it to anyone seeking adventure!

For a more relaxed experience in Koh Kong I can’t resist a stay on the Tatai River at the Four Rivers – morning swims in the cool waters, easy treks around the surrounding jungle and days spent lazing by the Tatai falls, it’s a beautiful hidden gem. 


Tatai River Guide to Cambodia

When is your favourite time to travel to Cambodia?

” For me I love a Cambodia holiday in April – it’s a fairly hot month to visit but it offers a great chance for morning and evening sightseeing, days spent by the pool or on the beach, and if you time it right you join in with the celebrations for Khmer New Year (which I was fortunate enough to do a couple of years ago). April is also still a great time to visit the more remote corners of the country before the rains arrive, although even the wetter summer months have advantages; lower visitor numbers at the temples, lush green countryside and lakes, rivers and waterfalls full to the brim, making for some fabulous photography! 


Guide to Cambodia

What are your top two experiences to have in Cambodia? 

(If you had to choose two!) 

” 1) Phnom Penh Street Food Vespa Tour – there is nothing quite like joining the mass of traffic on the roads of the city and zipping along (with a local driver of course!) to discover the hidden streets of the city, meeting the locals and sitting down to dine on some of the most delicious and unusual dishes on offer.

Guide to Cambodia street food tour

2) Exploring the hidden temples of Angkor by bicycle – instantly escaping the crowds on a bicycle is an incredible way to see the very best of Angkor. On my last visit I took my partner on the cycle tour and he was blown away. I’ve done this tour too many times to count already and it continues to surprise me each and every time! 

Guide to Cambodia Angkor Wat

What’s your favourite hotel to stay in and why? 

” One of the most traditionally Cambodian of the many boutiques dotted around Siem Reap, Montra Nivesha is a firm favourite of mine. The location is ideal for exploring the Angkor Archaeological Park, the furnishings are just beautiful and the warm welcome on arrival always makes me feel instantly at home.

Guide to Cambodia Siem Reap HOTEL

Another favourite of mine is the Knai Bang Chatt on the South coast at Kep – I’m already excited to return and end a busy day with dinner and cocktails at The Sailing Club. The sunsets at Kep are breathtaking too, take me back! 

Guide to Cambodia Kep hotel

Give us your top tip for travel in Cambodia

” Go slow and stay longer. A Cambodia holiday is all too often just tagged on to the end of a trip to Vietnam or Thailand but it deserves its own dedicated trip. Venturing away from the well known spots of Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor will see you uncover the real Cambodia…hidden beaches, wild jungles and warm welcomes galore. Cambodia is also perfect to explore overland without the need to fly, making it a perfect place to travel with family, too! 

Cambodia beaches

Cambodia Beaches

What’s your favourite memory of your time in Cambodia?

” After every single Cambodia holiday I return with incredible memories but a few highlights that always make me smile include my very first ride on the original Bamboo train at Battambang, feeding a rescued Pangolin in the depths of the Cambodian jungle with the Wildlife Alliance, teaching a group of young children nursery rhymes and dances (including the haka) at a school in Siem Reap and countless performances at the Phare Circus. The people of Cambodia make every journey so special and so it’s without surprise that all of my highlights centre around being in the company of the locals. 

Cambodia holiday

The Cambodian Smile

Sophie is on the end of the phone on 01242 253 073 or a quick email away ([email protected]) just waiting to design your perfect Cambodia holiday. Give her a call if you fancy chatting more about the land of smiles and how much magic a visit here could add to your 2022 adventures or request a free holiday quote today!

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