Wadi Darbat

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During the Khareef (June to early September) the rains of the southeast monsoon brush the coast of Salalah, turning the area and mountains a lush green. It also brings cascades of waterfalls down the mountain and Wadi Darbat is the most attractive of these falls. It is best visited towards the end of September, after the Khareef when the thousands of Omani’s and Gulf Arabs who flock here to enjoy the pleasure of rain have left, but the remnants of the falls and lush green mountains remain. You can swim in the pool waters that accumulate below the cliff falls just a kilometre or so from the main highway, but for the most dramatic views and pictures, you should drive further up the mountain to the rock pools that tumble down from the mountain. You can not swim in these pools, but take a little boat ride around it or simply admire the dramatic crystal clear waters. If you follow the road all the way to the end, you will pass roaming herds of camels, cows and goats, eventually reaching a car park with a cafe and boat rides which can take you deeper up the wadi (available almost year-round).

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