Terrapuri Heritage Village

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If you are looking to escape the hubbub of city life or feel a taste of traditional Malay living is needed then we have just the answer. Terrapuri Heritage Village (The Land of Palaces) is a conservation and restoration project showcasing 29 antique Malay houses, some of which are at least 200 years old. You can spend a night in these resorted palaces, lapping up some modern comforts whilst enjoying a peaceful slice of Malay living. Nestled between the South China Sea and Setiu Wetland, Terrapuri is also a laid back beach destination, making it an ideal stop along the East Coast. Rest amongst the coconut trees and soak up the views of the Perhentian Islands, Lang Tengah Island, Cepu Island, Redang and Bidong Islands in the distance.

After 18 years the owner of Terrapuri was able to collect all 29 Malay ‘palaces’ you see at the village, most of which belonged to aristocrats before the British invasion. Each home features intricate detailing with some fascinating stories behind them. A spiritual and very enriching experience, your stay also includes all the amenities most expect including fridge, hairdryers, tea station and en-suite bathrooms. Wi-Fi however is not available but we think you’ll have so much to learn here and some wonderful activities to enjoy, that a few days switched off won’t be an issue.

The food on the menu doesn’t quite match the cultural overload of the property itself due to the lack of Malay dishes. Western fare is available but don’t be expecting fine dining, simple and adequate is how we would describe it. Service however is fantastic and although the team don’t speak perfect English, they will always do their utmost to ensure you have a memorable stay.

Animal lovers will be in heaven here as the beach is a popular nesting spot for turtles and the wetlands are a stopover for many migratory birds. Avid birders should bring binoculars. By night you can cruise along the mangrove river to witness the fireflies. By day you can visit Kuala Terengganu City where there are some fabulous markets, State Museum and an amazing Crystal Mosque. Visits can also be arranged to the Terrapin Conservation Centre, Sekayu Waterfall or Lake Kenyir. If beaches are more your thing then there is a wonderful quiet one at your doorstep or the island of Redang can be explored as a day tour.

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