Taman Negara National Park

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A virgin jungle over 130 million years old, Taman Negara was established in 1939 and is the largest park in peninsular Malaysia reputed to be The Best Kept Tropical Rainforest, thanks to its protected status. The vast expanse of Taman Negara encompasses three states; Pahang, Kelantan and Terengganu and is home to rare mammals including the Malayan tiger, Malayan gaur (seladang) and Asian elephant. Sightings of the larger mammals are scarce due to the dense fauna and flora but deer, wild boar, tapirs, monkeys and many species of bird are commonly spotted. Night walks offer a great opportunity to spot temple pit vipers, lizards, tarantulas and a whole host of fascinating creepy crawlies.

The most popular activities at Taman Negara are river cruises and jungle trekking. The canopy walk is a must, offering a fantastic close up view of activity in the rainforest canopy.

Due to its central location Taman Negara is easily added in to any itinerary and is the perfect destination for those unable to travel to the jungles of Borneo. A three to four hour drive from Kuala Lumpur followed by a boat journey up the Tembeling River brings you to the world’s oldest tropical rainforest and Peninsular Malaysia’s number one nature treasure.

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