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Finally, a roadmap to your next holiday

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A message from our founder, Andy

As you’re reading this I’m assuming that like us, you love your travel and were eagerly listening to Boris on Monday to see when you might be able to get away again! What did you make of it? Encouraging or disappointing? We’re very much taking the glass-half-full approach: we’ve been saying for some time that the middle of this year onwards is a good time to aim for if you’re thinking of booking a holiday, and Boris’ roadmap very much makes this a viable timeframe. It’s a real pleasure for us to look forward to all those holidays we’ve been planning for clients with fresh confidence that they will go ahead.

Like all travellers and those in the travel industry, I would love there to be certainty around the restarting of travel. However, we all know that the path of the virus is not something we can predict. As travel opens up, we expect there will be a fast-changing global patchwork of regulations and requirements for travel that will be quite bewildering to keep up with. Fortunately, that’s our job, not yours! Throughout the process of planning your holiday, and when the departure date is approaching, we’ll be able to answer all your questions and ensure you’re completely up-to-speed with the entry requirements and any Covid-restrictions for your chosen destination. Just one more way we take all the stress out of planning a holiday – because right now, who needs more on their plate?

Whilst the last couple of months have undoubtedly been tough, and there’s still some way to go until we’re out of this, I’ve been hugely encouraged by the vaccine rollout. It gives me confidence that, whilst dates may slip a bit, the government’s roadmap is believable and will see our lives returning (almost) to what they were like pre-pandemic within six months. And the first thing I’ll be doing when that time comes is jumping on a plane for a hard-earned break! The only question is, where should I go?! I’m off to to get some inspiration…

Stay well, and here’s wishing you the patience to navigate these final stages of lockdown serenely(ish).

Andy Hunt, HA Founder


Andy HA founder


We’re here to help get you away on that much-needed holiday just as soon as the world opens up again. So, if you have any questions at all about your well-deserved adventure, we’re ready to take your call on 01242 253 073. In the meantime, here are some holiday ideas to get your travel-toes twitching…


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