San Ramon & Bajos del Toro

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Whilst Monteverde is Costa Rica’s best-known cloud forest, the country has numerous smaller pockets of cloud forest that can hold more appeal for those looking for something a little more tranquil. San Ramon and Bajos del Toro are two such destinations which enjoy the advantage of being relatively close to the capital.

The Los Angeles cloud forest is located just an hour’s drive to the east of San Jose. It is accessed by passing through the well-heeled town of San Ramon, with the main lodge located 20 kilometres beyond in the heart of a private cloud forest reserve. Bajos del Toro is nestled in the volcanic central ridge of the country, an hour and a half’s drive north of the capital city. The village itself holds little interest, but the surrounding cloud forest reserves are pristine, home to a good variety of birds and still enjoy a refreshingly off-the-beaten track feel. Neither destination will suit those looking the for the well-established cloud forest activity centres to be found in Monteverde, but if you like the prospect of quiet days of tranquil nature walks and bird watching along cloud forest trails, these areas will hold great appeal.

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