14 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers

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Do you have someone in your life who is notoriously difficult to buy for? Well, if they’re partial to a cheeky holiday, we might well be about to solve your struggles with these Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers.

One of the silver linings to come out of the strangeness of the last 18 months is the rallying of support for small, local businesses. Supporting local initiatives around the world is so important to us when we’re designing your holidays, so we have tried – where possible  – to point you in the direction of travel gifts from small, independent businesses. They may be little, but they are mighty and more than worthy of your custom.

We hope this helps with your Christmas shopping efforts this year! 

For the Adventure Chasers

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Christmas gifts for travel lovers

1. Engraved St. Christopher necklace

St. Christopher is the patron saint of travel, so gifting a loved one a St. Christopher (in any form really), is effectively giving the gift of protection for all future travels. What could be better? This engraved St Christopher necklace is the perfect gift for an adventure chaser. Alternatively, if your pal isn’t a necklace wearer, this St Christopher bracelet could be the perfect alternative.

2. Personalised portable wireless charger

If your loved one is prone to an adventure in the great wilderness, they may well appreciate the chance to make sure their phone still has juice (even if just for emergencies!) Give them the gift of power wherever they are with this personalised portable wireless charger they can pop in their pocket.


For the Endless Explorers

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Christmas gifts for travel lovers2

3. Travel wall art prints

Gift a slice of adventure to brighten up the walls of your travel loving friend with one of these striking destination prints, guaranteed to be a welcome addition to any endless explorer’s gallery wall. Grab them one of their favourite place, or even a set and allow them to continue their endless wanderings even once they’ve returned home.

4.Travel token keyring

We all know that one person who loves to add countries to their ‘explored’ list. A travel token keyring with the option to add new tokens whenever they visit somewhere new, is a unique and special way to do just that and keep it in their pocket always…


For the Luxury Travellers

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Christmas gifts for travel lovers3

5. Personalised weekend bag 

Are you looking for a Christmas gift for a travel lover who is that little bit fancy? Enter the personalised washbag. The stylish accompaniment for any quick getaway.


6. Personalised luggage tags and passport cover

If the full weekend bag is a bit of a budget stretch, why not gift this gorgeous matching passport cover and luggage tag set in supple brown leather will still be a lovely treat for the luxury travel lover in your life.



For the Memory Makers

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Christmas gifts for travel lovers5

7. Cross stitch your own passport cover

Do you have a travel lover in your world who has a bit of a creative streak? This ‘cross stitch your own passport cover‘ where you stitch over every destination you’ve visited, could well be their favourite gift this Christmas.

8. Personalised travel keepsake box

There’s something really special about keeping trinkets, photographs and memories of your travels in a safe place. This personalised travel keepsake box is the perfect home for your friend or loved one to store all of their adventure memories. Imagine being able to pop open the box and revisit your precious memories with a cuppa time and time again over the years.

For the Bookworms

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Christmas gifts for travel lovers6

9. Lonely Planet Guide Book

A Lonely Planet Guidebook is absolutely perfect for your travel lover’s coffee table. Packed full of stunning photography and inspiring descriptions, the book ranks the globe’s must-visit destinations. It could well be the perfect starting point to inspire your friend’s next adventure.

10. Wanderlust subscription

Give the gift of travel inspiration this Christmas with a subscription to the new look Wanderlust magazine. Wanderlust is the must-have magazine for travel lovers, packed from cover to cover full of fresh ideas on where to travel next and awe-inspiring photography guaranteed to transport you to a far off world. Plus, they’ll get six issues throughout the year, so it really is the gift that keeps on giving.

For Family Fun Times

Christmas Gift Guide 2021 Christmas gifts for travel lovers7

11. Flags of the World

If you’re after Christmas gifts for travel lovers who also have a young family, this ‘Flags of the World’ game could be the perfect way to bring them all together over a bit of travel trivia, making learning about other countries and nations fun.

12. Who Knows Where 

This mammoth travel game includes more than 1000 questions in five different categories (capital cities, major cities and towns, events and facts, famous sites and iconic landmarks) and is a great way for travel lovers to learn more about the world and teach their families too!

For those who simply need a getaway

Christmas Gift Guide 2021SMALLER9

13. Dubai City Break

Surely the ultimate Christmas gift for travel lovers is quite simply, a getaway! Obviously it depends quite how much you love them, and where they sit on your Christmas gift priority list, but we challenge anyone to not be bowled over and chuffed to pieces over a city break in Dubai paired with a desert getaway. Also, Dubai are holding the incredible Travel Expo 2020 until 31 March 2022, featuring an incredible number of travel related events and experiences, which is almost a good enough reason alone for a travel lover to visit Dubai.



14. Or perhaps you want to go all out and gift them a holiday to somewhere wonderfully exotic? (Psst, we can help with that! Have a gander at some of the places open for travel right now….) 

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