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The Bumper Christmas Travel Quiz

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The Bumper Travel Christmas Quiz! 

Roll up, roll up. The big day is so close you could throw a mince pie at it, and we hope you’ll be prepping to spend a much needed Christmas with those you love.

Any wonderful Christmas has those moments where you need to put your feet up (mainly due to eating one too many pigs in blankets or overindulging in the chocolate box). So, we’ve put together this little bit of fun for all the family to enjoy whilst you’re letting your dinner go down!

So, scroll through the quiz below or print off our downloadable PDF for all the family to enjoy, we’d love to hear how you get on!

(Come here straight from our email and after the answers? – no cheating now!! – here they are!)


Round One: Travel Trivia

1. Whether you’re a lover of turkey or not, this country is particularly fond of it and manages to gobble up the most per head each year… can you name it? 

2. Which continent is the only one to not have ants? 

3. What is the average percentage of salt in the Dead Sea? 14% | 34% | 48% 

4. India’s Taj Mahal has a bench named after someone. Who is it?  

5. Lake Titicaca is South America’s biggest lake. But, which 2 countries share it? 

6. Zanzibar is an island off which African country? 

7. What is the most northern capital city on earth? 

8. What is the largest living structure visible from space? 

9. How many time zones does China operate? 

10. What is considered the largest city in the world, with 37 million people? 


Round Two: Whose Flag is it anyway? 

Whose flag is it anyway Christmas travel quiz



Round Three: Guess the country…

Guess the country christmas travel quiz

Round Four: Name the Landmark

Spot the landmark

Round Five: Can you read ’emoji’?

Guess the country, city or continent…

Can you read emoji - Holiday Architects Bumper Christmas Quiz3


How do you think you did? Check your knowledge with the answers here… 


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