The HA Bumper Christmas Travel Quiz – 2023 Edition

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It’s the time you’ve been waiting for… 

That’s right… somehow it’s that time of year again! The time you’ve all been waiting for, time for the great, big, bumper HA Christmas quiz of the year! Michael Buble is out and about again, the big man is well on his way from the North Pole, presents are wrapped, the bar is stocked, that extra chair has been dug out for Aunt Mavis, and our belts are ready to be loosened a notch (or three). We hope you enjoy this bit of festive fun for all the family, the perfect Christmas dinner-coma activity to enjoy until King Charles pops up on the tele. (We reckon you’ll be ready to attack the cheese by the time you finish!)


(If you’d rather, here’s a downloadable PDF that you can share with your friends and family – everyone loves a bit of healthy competition. We’d love to hear how you get on!)  


How will you do?…    

Round 1: Guess the Country

(We’re a travel-loving bunch, so of course we had to kick off the festivities with a holiday-related round!) Also… bonus points if you also guess the city/landmark…   Christmas Travel Quiz Round One - guess the country  

Round 2: Guess the Christmas film from the descriptions…

Can you decipher these Christmas film synopses… in the style of… 

HA Travel Christmas Quiz


Round 3: Christmas Anagrams


Christmas Travel Quiz


Christmas travel quiz



Round 4: Festive trivia


1. How many times does Mariah sing the word ‘Christmas’ in her iconic festive tune? 

2. How many storylines are there in Love Actually? 

3. What was last year’s Christmas Number One?

4. Who has the highest-selling Christmas album of all time? 

5. What spices are in a traditional mulled wine? (3 points up for grabs!)

6. Now a festive icon in its own right, what year was the first ever John Lewis Christmas advert?

7. What did my true love send to me on the fifth day of Christmas?

8. How many ghosts are in ‘A Christmas Carol’?

9. What is the chemical formula for snow?

10. In what year did Coca-Cola first use the modern depiction of Father Christmas in its advertising?




Round 5: Whose flag is it anyway?


Christmas Travel Quiz


So, how did you get on this year? We hope there was plenty of healthy, family rivalry… 


After the answers?



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Really sure?




No cheating now…




Oh go on then.


Download the answers here.


(Psst… if the family rivalry has all got too much, we’ve heard planning a holiday helps…. )