Adventure Caving & The Pinnacles

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For the truly adventurous (and very fit) options for adventure caving are available, as well as a challenging trek to the Pinnacles.

Adventure caving options including the Lagangs Cave, Racer Cave, Clearwater Revival, Clearwater Connection and Sarawak Chamber Overnight.

The Pinnacles Climb is a very physically challenging, high risk, adventure activity. The trek takes 3 days, 2 nights involving camping and a free climb up the Pinnacles. For an easier option a trek is also available with camping to Camp 5 without the Pinnacles climb. Details can be discussed on request only or you may contact the Mulu National Park HQ.

Note: Booking must be made in advance. Pinnacles climb only allowed after a local assessment. Adventure caving can only to be arranged with proof of experience and full risk disclosure.

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