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The best family holidays tend to be those that have a bit of everything, to keep everyone entertained and make sure that different tastes are catered for. Argentina is a big country so it does mean there is quite a bit of air travel on any trip here which may mean those with young children might limit how many places they visit to keep the travel down. For older kids though the possibilities are endless and adventures tend to be all outdoors to prise them away from those screens and devices. Iguazu and Ibera make a brilliant combination of exhilarating Falls adventure boat rides and road, boat or riding safaris to see unique wildlife. Patagonia is filled with active adventure from white-water rafting, kayaking among or trekking on top of glaciers, horse-riding with the local gauchos or even helping out with the sheep or cattle on a traditional ranch or estancia. Kids are a pretty curious bunch and they will find the antics of vast colonies of Magellanic penguins and huge elephant seals both comical and fascinating, combined with a fun ocean submarine tour to look out for southern right whales up close and personal. Whatever your family like on your travel adventures together, we can come up with a great plan.

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