An update from Team HA

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As we all adapt to a world of lockdowns, home-schooling, and contactless grocery deliveries, we’re living through the biggest change to lives for many generations.

Covid-19 has impacted everyone and every industry in different ways. In the travel industry, at a time when travel is at a standstill, the impact is just too great to ignore. But, we are still here, staying strong, and working together as a team to keep the Holiday Architect’s flag flying.

Adapting to grow stronger

In times of adversity, we must adapt to survive. So, just like the African chameleon changes the colour of its skin under threat, we are temporarily changing our form to ensure our strength and survival.

In what is our tenth year of designing fantastic holidays, in order to ensure we are best-placed to operate for ten years more, we are going to be taking advantage of the government’s Covid-19 job retention scheme. So, while travel demand is significantly lower than usual, we’re able to give some of our team a well-earned rest, ready to come back stronger in a few months’ time when holidays will be more welcome than ever before.

What this means for your holidays

So, what does this mean for you? Well, we’ll still be the same old Holiday Architects. Now more than ever, having a holiday in the pipeline to look forward to and plan is so important. So we’ll still be here for our valued clients, ready to discuss anything related to your future trip. Similarly, if you don’t have any travel planned yet and want to have a chat about getting something in diary for the future — or even just a natter about how isolation is treating you — we’re here.

We will simply be a more streamlined team of experts, still dedicated to designing your holidays. The same ethos, same dedication, same first-hand knowledge, just a smaller team for the time being.

If you have a trip booked with us and your specialist is being furloughed, all holiday details will be carefully handed over to an equally experienced member of the team. You will still have your own dedicated travel specialist ready to support you 24/7 to the high standard you would expect from Holiday Architects.

You may also notice a few less social media posts, magazines, or email newsletters hitting your inbox. But, we’ll continue to inform and inspire in equal measure just as much as we are able over these strange weeks, until the time comes when the rest of our fantastic team can return to join the Team HA ranks.

The world keeps turning…

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, our wonderful world keeps on spinning and we will all get through these uncertain times together. We are determined that Holiday Architects will be designing holidays for another ten years and beyond and can’t wait to take you on that journey with us.

So, as we knuckle down and focus on getting over this hurdle, let’s look forward to the time when normality will return and our world will be ripe for exploring once more.