9 of the World’s Greatest Journeys

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Let’s face it, we’re all going to need a serious adventure once the world returns to normal. When you book a holiday with Holiday Architects, your journeys are all part of the adventure. Focusing on multi-centre trips, our adventures more often than not include journeys throughout your holiday. Whether you travel by romantic rail, take control of the wheel on a self-drive roadtrip, cruise across exotic waters to far-flung destinations or simply explore destinations unknown on your own two feet, here are nine of the greatest journeys to have around the world.

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1. Canada – Travel through the mountains on the rocky mountaineer 

9 of the worlds greatest journeys8

Travelling by rail is undoubtedly one of the most romantic and nostalgic ways to get from one place to the next. Considered to be one of the most beautiful rail journeys you can make, a ride on the Rocky Mountaineer will keep your eyes busy and wowed. With tracks carved through landscapes where roads can’t take you, you’re gifted the opportunity to sit back, relax and feast your eyes on some of the most spectacular scenery on earth. With tantalising hot food served to your seat as snow-capped mountains fly past the window, and expert hosts on-hand to point out wildlife and share stories throughout your journey, it’s an experience you’ll recall time and time again. Whether you choose the popular two-day option that takes you between Vancouver and either Banff or Jasper, or the slightly longer option that includes Whistler, you won’t be disappointed by this journey. The shimmering lakes, vast canyons, towering mountains and soothing motion of the train on its tracks awaits. Take me there >


2. Uganda – Hike with the endangered mountain gorillas

Trek with the mountain gorillas Uganda

Sometimes a journey you make under your own power is the most rewarding. Lace-up your hiking shoes, muster your energy and sense of adventure and head out into the Ugandan rainforest ready to have an encounter you’ll never forget. As you follow your guide, weaving through dense forest, open glades and steep ravines, making your way deeper and deeper into the humid green, the anticipation of what you may witness is almost palpable. Uganda is one of the only places on earth where you can see the endangered mountain gorilla in the wild. With only 1,000 of them left on this planet, sharing the same air for a whole hour with a family of them as they go about their daily lives, is beyond special. This journey requires effort, but the reward, the memories and the stories will be worth it. Take me there >


3. Japan – Ride the fastest, most efficient railway on earth

9 of the worlds greatest journeys6

If you think you know train travel, think again. To ride the Japanese Shinkansen, or bullet train as it’s commonly known, is a new experience entirely. Gone are the delays, the racing for a seat, sipping tepid coffee out of paper cups and munching on a half-stale sandwich. The Japanese know how to travel in style. These trains are immaculate and run on time – always. And we mean to the minute. Japanese rail companies have been known to issue refunds for travellers whose trains have left 30 seconds early. That would be unheard of here in the UK. And the food options available put our trains to shame. Indulge in a tempting bento box, a tantalising mix of fresh sushi and local snacks. A taste sensation awaits you as you speed through the stunning Japanese countryside at 200 miles per hour. Take me there >


4. Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia – Embark on a grand tour of Indochina

9 of the worlds greatest journeys7

Take the ultimate journey through Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos, taking in every single one of the major sights and ticking off all of the iconic experiences as you go. There are too many highlights in South East Asia to list, but we’ll try! Bustling capital cities bursting at the seams with bikes dancing around each other. More ancient temples than you can shake a stick at, including the magnificent temples of Angkor. Laos’ laid-back Luang Prabang and Vietnam’s lantern-lit Hoi An. Visiting and learning about the hill tribes of Mai Chau. Overnighting in luxury on a traditional junk in Ha Long Bay. Cruising through the Mekong Delta from Vietnam into Cambodia. If you’ve got more than three weeks to spare, an adventure around Indochina has your name written all over it. Take me there >


5. Namibia – Track the endangered black rhino on foot

9 of the worlds greatest journeys9

The 450,000 hectare Palmwag Concession is a remote and very special place, home to Africa’s largest remaining population of endangered black rhino and one of the most unique and exciting things you can do in Southern Africa. Guests at Desert Rhino Camp have the privileged opportunity to track these fabulous animals with a skilled guide, often accompanied by a researcher for the Save The Rhino Trust, a pioneering conservation body in Palmwag for close to 20 years. This will be a journey like no other, getting you as close as you can safely get to these magnificent creatures without causing harm to them or yourself! Take me there >


6. Sri Lanka – Take one of the most scenic train rides on earth

9 of the worlds greatest journeys3

The centre of this tear-shaped island is hiding a real treat. Hop on the turquoise and blue painted train at Kandy and prepare for one of the most breathtakingly beautiful journeys you could take. Flying through the high hill country, soaring above row upon row of emerald green tea leaves, spotting the tea pickers dressed in brightly coloured traditional saris peppered amongst the leaves. Sit in the doorways, dangle your legs over the edge, feel the the cool breeze as you take in the beauty this country has to offer. At each local stop, food sellers will get on board and make their way down the aisles, selling all kinds of tasty local morsels. A beautiful train ride enriched with the flavours and smells of the country you’re travelling through is a way to really make this journey come alive. Take me there >


7. Tanzania – Make memories on a luxury safari

9 of the worlds greatest journeys5

A journey in the comfort of your private safari vehicle, through the plains of Tanzania as the glowing sun sinks lower in the sky will be a luxurious one, peppered with pinch-yourself moments from start to finish. Whether you come across a couple of loved-up lions bathing in the evening sun or a herd of elephants refreshing themselves at a watering hole, there will be no shortage of memories made.

If you time it right, your adventure could perfectly coincide with one of nature’s most spectacular journeys; the wildebeest migration. The ‘confusion’ of wildebeest (a great collective noun!) are best seen in the vast southern plains between January and March, in the western corridor through the months of June and July and the jaw-droppingly beautiful northern sectors from October to November. Chat to our Tanzania specialist, Tim, about your best options to get a glimpse of this wildlife phenomenon as it unfolds. Take me there >


8. Peru  Trek the iconic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

9 of the worlds greatest journeys4

Machu Picchu is world-renowned as one of the most magical ancient civilisations you can visit, and for good reason. A hike to Machu Picchu will ignite excitement and stir a deep sense of wonder in your soul. Nestled in the postcard-perfect Andes mountains, this iconic site is made even more special by the fact that you must reach it on foot and expel your own precious energy to get there.

There are routes of varying difficulties, from a three-day and night camping trek to a train journey followed by a one-day hike. Both options are challenging and require a fair level of fitness due to the high altitude. But, regardless of which you choose, it will be your own two feet that lead you on the journey to this iconic landmark and nothing will raise your heartrate more than the sight of this ancient and mysterious Incan civilisation when you reach the end. Take me there >

9. The Galapagos – Take an expedition cruise around these wildlife-rich islands

9 of the worlds greatest journeys3

With the opportunity to snorkel with sea lions, sea turtles and all sorts of marine life or hop on a dingy to explore what wildlife treats each island has in store, this is a journey unlike any other. This archipelago of islands dates back five million years and each one has a different character and unique wildlife inhabitants to discover: from Genovesa Island with its remarkable birdlife (keep your eyes peeled for the infamous blue-footed boobies or the lesser-known red-footed boobies that can be found here!) to Isabela Island with its family of 4,000 giant tortoises.

Your expert naturalist guides will be able to teach you all about the islands and their inhabitants as you take in the surroundings that are unlike anywhere else on earth. For nature lovers, this Galapagos cruise is a dream journey. The animals here, having had such little contact with humans, are so inquisitive and often make their way closer to you to have a better look. Conservation is taken very seriously on the islands, with visitor numbers being strictly limited. So, it’s best to book onto one of these journeys early if you want to experience the magic for yourself! Take me there > 


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