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5 top family-friendly hotels in Oman

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The last few years have taken their toll on us all. However, few have had to adapt as much as our kids have. Facing months on end of homeschooling and forced time away from their friends – it’s been tough on families all around the world. If ever there was a time to get an incredible family holiday in the diary, it’s now. Time to reconnect, relax, unwind and make memories together is the treat we all need – and deserve! 

An Oman family holiday could be a great option. With its wonderful mix of desert adventures, culture-full capital, dramatic mountains, sweeping beaches and warm waters, this Arabian gem has something for all the family. What’s more, all of this beauty is home to tantalising food to try, maze-like souqs to explore and some of the friendliest people to meet. There are countless adventures to be had too, from sleeping in desert camps under the stars, meeting the local Bedouin nomads, camel trekking and even watching baby turtles hatching on the beach.

Here at HA, we understand that there will be different requirements when travelling with a family and that those are all dependent on how old your little ones are! So, do give us a call on 01242 253 073 to speak to one of our Oman experts about the perfect Oman family holiday for you.

For starters, below we share our five favourite family hotels in Oman.

5 fantastic family hotels in Oman

1. Shangri-La Al Waha, Muscat

Family hotels in Oman - Shangri-La-Barr-Al-Jissah-Al-Waha Muscat

The Shangri-La Al Waha was Oman’s very first hotel built to be fully dedicated to families – and they’ve done a brilliant job of it. With multiple lagoon-like swimming pools for families to splash about in and a long beautiful beach to play on, it’s a true family oasis. (Psst, ‘Al Waha’ literally translates to ‘The Oasis’ – and it really delivers what it says on the tin!) What’s more, the hotel is set against the most breath-taking mountain backdrop that serves as a constant reminder of what a special country you’re in.

One of our favourite family-friendly activities on offer here is the chance for kids to help release turtles back into the sea with the onsite turtle ranger as part of the Turtle Care Project. This is such an incredible occasion to experience as a family and memory to take home with you. There are countless other activities to enjoy together, too. Get off dry land and try scuba diving, snorkelling or kayaking in your very own clear-bottom kayak! Or, if you have wildlife-lovers in the family, head out on a boat trip for a spot of whale and dolphin watching. If downtime is what you’re after though, why not simply while away the hours floating along the lazy river and soaking up the sunshine?

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2. Intercontinental Muscat

Oman family hotels Oman_Muscat_InterContinental_PoolLeisure1-1024x550

The Intercontinental Muscat is a fantastic 5* family hotel in Oman’s capital. What’s more, it’s one of the best value 5* properties in the city – you’ll struggle to get more for your money elsewhere! The location is great – right in the centre of Muscat’s residential quarter and just by the beach – so, if you’re looking for the right balance of city culture and family beachside fun, this would be a brilliant choice for you. The Intercontinental has everything you could dream of from a family hotel: Swimming pools, bars, restaurants, tennis court, a gym and not forgetting the white sandy beach!

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3. Anantara Jabal Akhdar

Family hotels Oman Anantara Jabal Akhdar

The Anantara Jabal Akhdar is a firm favourite Oman hotel in the Holiday Architects family. As luxurious as it is family-friendly, this resort is just two hours’ drive inland from Muscat and is magnificently perched on the edge of the most dramatic canyon.

Andy (our fearless leader and founder), his wife Rachel (our HR Manager) and their two kids absolutely rave about this hotel  – and for good reason. Here’s why Rachel rates it so highly as a top family hotel in Oman:

“We just LOVED it – not just because it was a luxurious hotel but because there were lots of little touches that helped you to relax. There was an easel in our suite so Philippa instantly started drawing the amazing view. Our butler immediately took the girls under his wing – ferrying them to the kids club, going back to the room to get jumpers for them as they were a little chilly and generally being a really caring person. There was even a cake for Ellie on her birthday. The spa was spectacular and definitely a must for parents to unwind at. All the restaurants had kids menus and the main buffet style restaurant had little buffet stations so the girls could get things individually cooked for them (mainly Nutella pancakes). The most amazing element was our pool, even if you don’t have a suite, you can take a dip in the infinity pool with the most spectacular views. It really felt like you were a family and not just a booking.” Rachel 

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4. Desert Nights Camp

Oman family hotels Desert-Nights1-1024x550

Imagine sharing dinner with your kids as the sun sinks slowly behind the dunes, your toes buried in the warm sand as you gaze up, waiting for Oman’s vast and magical starry skies to make an appearance. Desert Nights Camp is the place to do just that. 

This desert oasis is perfect for families looking for a unique, sandy adventure – without the long drives and constant cries of “are we there yet?!” Plus, if you’re self-driving, it’s super easy to find – we don’t want you getting lost on the dunes with little’uns in the car! 

There are great family suite options, plus brand new private pool villas that make for a lovely private family stay with that little touch of luxury. 

They’re big on family activities at Desert Nights too. Head out with the kids and explore the golden sands on camelback, quad bike, sand boarding or your own two feet. This is a stay none of the family will forget in a hurry. 

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5. 1000 Nights Camp

1000 Nights Camp Oman Family hotels

1000 Nights Camp is a little bit more of a drive, but it’s worth it for the darker skies and secluded desert experience! Winner of the ‘Luxury Desert Camp’ award in 2019, its Bedouin wool tents complete with colourful Arabic carpets and furnishings really help to submerse you in this magical location. 

With a swimming pool to cool off in and plenty of activities including dune bashing, camels rides and sand boarding to enjoy, there’s no end of ways to fill your time. Plus, if you want to inject some authentic cultural encounters into your Oman family holiday, 1000 Nights Camp can arrange visits to local Bedouin families – giving you and the kids a real insight into life in this amazing part of the world. 

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Oman really is such a special place for a family holiday. With countless sights to see, places to explore, adventures to have and opportunities to relax and reconnect as a family. It’s one of those places that after visiting once, you’ll long to return to again and again.

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