5 quirky things to do in Morocco

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5 of Rebecca’s favourite quirky Moroccan adventures

Fighting the urge to pack your bags pronto and fly to exotic shores? If so, you’re in luck! Morocco is open for travel, ready to welcome you and could well be the perfect place for that post-pandemic getaway. What’s more, if you’re double vaccinated, you don’t have to isolate when you get home! We understand you may not feel ready to take off just yet, but we’re at the end of the phone to chat through the best way to get you away on that much-needed holiday just as soon as the time is right for you.

The very mention of Morocco alone somehow manages to conjure up visions of exotic wonder. The country is bursting with ancient traditions, bright colours and sights, sounds and smells just waiting to astound your senses. With energetic cities, bustling souks, imposing mountain landscapes, sweeping deserts and quaint coastal cities, there is so much to explore. What’s more, with so much on offer, there’s something for all the family.

We love an excursion that’s just a little out of the ordinary here at HA. Below, one of Moroccan specialists, Rebecca, shares 5 of her favourite quirky things to do in Morocco, that might just surprise you.

This is Morocco… but not as you know it.

(We know things are still fairly uncertain right now. But our team of experts are at the end of the phone on 01242 253 073 to answer any questions you may have about getting away on a much-needed holiday later this year).

5 different things to do in Morocco

 1. Take to the skies above Marrakesh

Don’t miss this chance to see Marrakesh from a completely new perspective! You’ll be pleased you did once you’re floating above the hustle and bustle of the city, powered by flame under a colourful hot air balloon. As long as the weather plays ball, you’ll take to the skies before dawn for the chance to see the sun gradually appear over the horizon, casting a stunning golden light over the beautiful countryside just north of Marrakesh. 

Take in the view as local villagers go about their morning, and gaze in awe as the stunning desert-like landscapes change colour in the dawn light. After landing you’ll be invited to join a local Berber family for a delicious traditional breakfast.

Enjoy this unique excursion and so many more on our Ultimate Morocco holiday itinerary.

5 different things to do in Morocco

5 different things to do in Morocco

2. Go Berber! The ultimate cultural excursion

This wonderfully authentic local-living experience is one of my favourites. ‘Go Berber!’ immerses you in the daily life of an authentic mountain community. Nestled in the lush Ourika Valley amid the dramatic Atlas landscape, you’ll meet a local village family. They’ll teach you to bake bread and prepare traditional tagine, before gathering around a pot of traditional mint tea (made by you of course!) for a chance to get to know each other better. Your guide will be there to help with any language barriers, so don’t worry about that!

While your lunch is bubbling away, why not get your hands stuck into wet clay in a ceramics workshop? Later, try your hand at weaving a colourful kilim with the local women and walk the farm terraces to see the sweated labour that goes into the ancient farming methods. You’ll also meet the community’s youngest members at the charity pre-school centre where little Berbers learn Arabic in preparation for big school.

This day is a real honour to experience, really allowing you a rare glimpse into a wonderfully different way of life. You can experience it on our Best of Morocco holiday.

5 different things to do in Morocco

5 different things to do in Morocco

3. Wine tasting and tree-climbing goats in Essaouira

The wilds of Essaouira have a few unexpected treats in store! The land is rich and fertile, home to protected thuya wood forests, grove after grove of argan trees and, completely unexpectedly to me, vineyards! This trip starts with a drive through lovely scenery (keep an eye out for the goats who have a penchant for climbing the argan trees – many thanks to our clients, the Crawleys, for sharing the fantastic image below!) and a visit to a local woman’s collective making argan oil which is fascinating to watch. The end of the tour is the real treat – you’ll enjoy a delicious wine tasting at the locally-owned Val D’Argan estate.

Sip wine, meet the locals, and ogle at the fearless goats and more on this Marrakesh, Mountains and Ocean itinerary.

Things to do in Morocco


5 different things to do in Morocco

4. Chasing waterfalls in the Rif Mountains

Waterfalls aren’t the first thing that come to mind when you think of Morocco, but this might just change that! This adventure starts with a drive along winding mountain roads, through rugged canyons and lush valleys to Akchour village. Then you’ll dust off your hiking shoes to set off on foot following the beautiful footpaths by the river. You’ll be with a local guide, so don’t worry about getting lost! As you climb, prepare to be greeted with dramatic views of majestic peaks and the beauty of the wild natural bridge (God’s Bridge). A gradual uphill walk will lead you to the village to meet the locals and learn about their lives and work farming and herding goats and sheep. This morning ends with an amble downhill to the local restaurant for lunch, before driving along the rushing river back to the blue-washed walls of Chefchaouen.

things to do in Morocco


5 different things to do in Morocco

5. Fez Food Tasting Tour

You won’t find a place that feels more Moroccan than the labyrinth of narrow lanes that sprawl through the medinas of Fez. This is such a fun, foodie experience, all about interacting with locals and tasting the various Fez delicacies at vibrant food markets across the city. You’ll be led by an English-speaking guide, sampling Moroccan crepes, traditional breads in a public bakery (so delicious!), dates and olives, preserved meats, and many kinds of honey. Keep your eyes peeled for the ladies making the phyllo used for the preparation of the Pastilla, a famous Moroccan recipe of Andalusian origins. You’ll also visit a traditional mint tea café to see the tea making and try this tasty traditional hot drink for yourself before enjoying a short presentation of the different spices used in Moroccan cooking. But that’s not all! Find out more >

5 different things to do in Morocco


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