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22 adventures for 2022

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Could 2022 be the year you finally come face to face with that animal you’ve always dreamed of seeing in the wild? (Orangutan in Borneo or a grizzly bear fishing for its salmon lunch in Canada perhaps?). Or, maybe it’s finally time to see Vietnam’s lush rice terraces with your own eyes or gawp at the sun rising through the clouds over Machu Picchu? 

We asked our travel-loving team to reminisce about some of their favourite travel experiences and recommend 22 that could make your year one to remember. So, read on for our epic list of 22 adventure ideas cover all kinds of experiences we think could just make your 2022…


1. Uganda – Trek with the mountain gorillas – Cat

Where to go in 2022 Uganda

“This is without doubt one of the most humbling, mesmerising experiences you can have in Uganda. This once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a highly endangered animal in its natural habitat is one that will cover you in goosebumps and live as a highlight in your memories forever. As you trek through the dense green forest, the excitement and anticipation will build. You’ll follow your guide, putting one step in front of the other, not knowing if or when you might spot one of these gentle primates. And when you do, it’s a feeling like no other.” Cat 

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2. Costa Rica – Unwind in the pristine paradise of the Osa Peninsula – Lou

Where to go in 2022 Osa Peninsula Costa Rica

“My absolute favourite spot in all of Costa Rica is on the deserted beach at El Remanso on the Osa Peninsula. On my last visit here, I had a free afternoon so decided to stroll down to the coast by myself. Walking along the stunning coastline with no-one else in sight, I stumbled across a freshwater pool hidden under the palms to swim in. As if that wasn’t special enough, once I forced myself to head back to my beautiful bungalow, a troupe of howler monkeys danced through the trees above me. It’s a very magical place – to put it lightly!” Lou

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3. Lebanon – Enjoy the views on a hike in the beautiful Qadisha Valley – Emma

Where to go in 2022 Qadisha Valley Lebanon

“This is one of the most beautiful parts of Lebanon, and during my time here I hiked several of the many routes that line the valley. The longest we tackled was a 13.5-mile walk heading up to the paths at the very top of the region, through the cedar reserve, all the way around the valley and back down on the other side. Absolutely stunning and worth the sore legs!” Emma

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4. Borneo – Befriend the wild orangutan in the Danum Valley – Sophie

Where to go in 2022 Borneo Danum Valley

“Escaping to one of the most exclusive rainforest destinations for an up-close encounter with wild orangutan is a must for any wildlife enthusiast. Not only is the accommodation here fantastic, but the variety of experiences on offer are second to none. I have incredible memories of my last visit here trekking remote trails in the mountains with the expert nature guides, venturing out at night by jeep for nocturnal wildlife spotting and traversing the canopy walkway as hornbills flew overhead and orangutan swung past me – simply incredible!” Sophie

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5. Namibia – Take to the skies for a Skeleton Coast safari – Kirsty

Where to go in 2022 Skeleton Coast Namibia

“This one-off experience will see you exploring a truly remote corner of southern Africa. Flying over some of the most diverse and amazing scenery with your own pilot guide is a pinch-yourself moment like no other. This three-night trip probably rates as the highlight of my 25 years travelling around southern Africa and I’d jump at the opportunity to do it again in a heartbeat. Yes, it has a big price tag, but it really is worth every penny for the experience.” Kirsty

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6. Vietnam – Cycling through the rice fields of Sapa – Vanessa

Where to go in 2022 Sapa Vietnam

“This excursion gives you the opportunity to get up close to the sights, smells and culture of this fantastic country. With the freedom of your own two wheels, you’ll cycle through staggeringly beautiful rice terraces taking in the sea of emerald before you. Cycling past the children playing games in the streets and women going about their days working in the fields is really special. We’re always advocates of authentic experiences here at HA, and this really gives you the opportunity to see Vietnam for what it is – a truly magnificent country.” Vanessa

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7. Sri Lanka – Climbing the iconic Sigiriya Rock Fortress – Rachel

Where to go in 2022 Sigiriya Rock Sri Lanka

“Visiting Sri Lanka and climbing up the ‘lion rock’ was one of my first work trips and what a special one it was. I still think so fondly of the country and all the adventures I was lucky enough to experience there. We set off in time to enjoy the sunset and somehow we were the only people there, apart from the snake charmers. Climbing up the rock was exhilarating and the far-reaching views over the green plains were magnificent. We had monkeys (that looked more like the Beatles) to entertain us as they scampered up the path. A really memorable adventure.” Rachel

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8. South Africa – Brave a walking safari in South Africa – Rachel

Where to go in 2022 Walking Safari Kruger South Africa

“My heart was in my mouth when the ranger told us there were very fresh leopard tracks on the path we were walking. We kept edging carefully forward through the bush, until two minutes later we spotted the beautiful creature about 40- 50m away from us. I instinctively moved closer to the ranger (he’s the one with the protection!) but I was beyond spellbound to be sharing the wilderness with this flawless predator. There are no guarantees on what you’ll see when on a walking safari, so coming face to face with such a beautiful, (if deadly!) animal, was a rare and humbling treat.” Rachel

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9. USA – Get locked up on Alcatraz Island, then eat cheesecake in San Fran – Vanessa

Where to go in 2022 Alcatraz San Francisco

“My tour of Alcatraz Island was was just so much fun and so interesting. Spend an afternoon walking around the eerie island, listening to the audio tour, soaking in the atmosphere and even locking your friends away in a cell. Once you’ve had your fill of incarceration, hop back on the boat back to San Fran to eat some delicious steak and over indulge at the Cheesecake Factory!” Vanessa

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10. Canada – Watch the grizzly bears catch fish in British Columbia – Helen

Where to go in 2022 Grizzly bears Canada

“Seeing grizzly bears in the wild is an amazing experience, and the rugged west coast of British Columbia is the best place to spot this iconic Canadian animal in its natural, beautiful habitat. The mist-clad mountains make for an incredible backdrop and are almost worth a visit in their own right. But, watching the big grizzlies catching their salmon lunch in the river just a few feet away, is what makes this a truly memorable encounter. I can’t wait to go back!” Helen

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11. Peru – Take in the ancient Incan empire of Machu Picchu – Emma

Where to go in 2022 Machu Picchu Peru

“If you’re anything like me, a visit to Machu Picchu will have a firm place on your travel wish list. When I visited Peru a few years back, I wasn’t lucky enough to have time to experience the Inca Trail trek, but I did manage to visit the wonder on a quick trip from Cusco via the train that runs from the town of Ollantayambo. I will never forget the moment I stepped up to the path to take in that iconic view. As I looked on in awe, the clouds rolled over the sky behind Huayna Picchu, the mountain that sits behind these ancient ruins. It’s one of my favourite travel moments for sure.” Emma

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12. Malaysia – Snorkel off the coast of the Perhentian Islands – Sophie

Where to go in 2022 Perhentian Islands Malaysia

“A keen snorkeller, I am a big fan of the beautiful and lesser-known Perhentian Islands on Malaysia’s east coast. They’re the perfect place for a relaxing stop on your summer holiday. The islands require a little effort to get to but once there you’ll be treated to white sand, palm-fringed beaches and some of the most incredible snorkelling and diving in the country, so I’d confidently say they’re worth the trip! On my last visit to the Perhentians I whiled away the hours snorkelling amongst turtles, rays and black tip reef sharks. I can’t wait to return with my own family as soon as possible!” Sophie

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13. Argentina – Marvel at the marine life in Peninsula Valdes – Lou

Where to go in 2022 Peninsula Valdes Argentina

“This remote and rugged Patagonian coastline is dotted with incredible wildlife – many seals, whales and penguins call the stunning region home. When I last visited, I was lucky enough to enjoy a really special moment I’ll never forget. A young elephant seal pup decided to come and say hello when we were sitting on the beach observing all of them with our amazing lodge guide and host at Rincon del Socorro. It was so humbling to be so close to such a beautiful marine animal.” Lou

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14. Japan – Experience Japan at its most authentic – Fenton 

Where to go in 2022 Authentic Japan

“Japan is known for its big super-modern cities, bright lights and robots. But, there is a quieter side to the country and exploring the smaller towns will give you a real feeling of authentic, Japanese life. Hop on the Shinkansen (bullet train) to visit an onsen town (two of my favourites are Takayama and Hakone!) Once there, spend a few nights relaxing in a traditional ryokan – the ultimate in Japanese hospitality. Soak away your stresses in a natural hot spring bath before sitting down (on the floor of course) to indulge in a delicious kaiseki dinner dressed up in a yukata!” Fenton

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15. The Maldives – Wake up in an overwater bungalow and dive straight into pristine waters – Rebecca

Where to go in 2022 The Maldives Overwater villa

“Few holiday experiences ooze more luxury, pampering and all round exclusivity than staying in your very own private over-water bungalow in the Maldives. This place really is nothing short of magic. I’ll never forget slowly waking up in the heavenly, pillow-like bed, the sun streaming through the curtains, before stepping outside with nothing but vast turquoise water in front of me. For anyone who is feeling the need for an ultimate treat this year (who wouldn’t be), the Maldives deserves to be considered!” Rebecca

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16. New Zealand – Take an overnight cruise on Doubtful Sound – Helen 

Where to go in 2022 Doubtful Sound New Zealand

“This cruise is still one of my all time favourite experiences in New Zealand. Doubtful Sound, in the South Island’s Fiordland, is often overlooked in favour of better known Milford Sound. However, its more secret status means less visitors, which makes for a beautifully tranquil overnight experience. Waking up to sun rising over the towering cliffs and hearing nothing but the gentle breeze across the water, before seeing penguins, seabirds and huge pod of dolphins playing around us is a memory that will stay with me forever.” Helen

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17. Cambodia – Take a street food tour of Siem Reap, the way the locals do it, on the back of a Vespa – Sophie 

Where to go in 2022 Street food tour Cambodia

“This adventure in Siem Reap is always one I’d recommend to anyone willing to hop on the back of a Vespa. The Cambodian culinary experience can be a fun, exotic and incredibly unique – especially if you know where to go. So riding through the streets with a local, sampling local markets, street food stalls and hard to find restaurants is a fantastically authentic experience. This is a very special ride indeed that will lead you out of the main tourist areas and into the real Khmer night life.” Sophie

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18. Botswana – Be wowed by the legendary Okavango Delta – Kirsty

Where to go in 2022 Okavango Delta Botswana

“Botswana’s Okavango Delta has ‘legendary’ status amongst African safari destinations, and after visiting you are guaranteed to understand exactly why. It really is quite special. The wildlife and culture in the Delta nothing short of magnificent. You’ll have the chance of seeing everything here, colourful birdlife, the ultimate in big cats and predators, vast numbers of hippo and elephant splashing about in the wetlands and countless breeds of game and antelope prancing about the plains.” Kirsty

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19. Morocco – Immerse yourself in mountain life with a Berber family  – Emma

Where to go in 2022 Go Berber Costa Rica

“I love nothing more than meeting local people when I travel. Authentic, real interactions with those who live in the places you’re visiting is the perfect way to get under the skin of a country and what it’s really like to live there. In the Ourika Valley there is a wonderful opportunity to spend a day immersing yourself in the daily life of a mountain community. I was taught traditional bread-making, how to whip up a delicious Moroccan tagine and, of course, the secret to a stunning cup of Moroccan mint tea. What made it extra special was trying my hand at learning some simple Arabic words and phrases on the way and communicating with these fantastically friendly people in their home.” Emma

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20. Tanzania – Visit Prison Island off the coast of Zanzibar – Rebecca

Where to go in 2022 Prison Island Tanzania

“We took a boat from Stone Town across to Prison Island. Despite being built to incarcerate rebellious slaves, no slaves were ever actually kept there and instead, it became a quarantine station for people with epidemics like yellow fever. It’s a hugely interesting place to visit and the island is now home to the giant tortoises which were given as a gift from the Seychelles – so great for families, too! And after enjoying all of that, a snorkel in the island’s pristine waters topped off one of my favourite days in beautiful Tanzania.” Rebecca

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21. New Zealand – Kayaking in Abel Tasman National Park – Lou 

Where to go in 2022 Abel Tasman New Zealand

“What a spectacular park this is. I kayaked along the coast and had seals swimming around me and then stayed overnight by a stunning beach in a simple shared refuge. The next morning, after a make-shift breakfast, I continued along the amazing shoreline to another delightful beach before catching a water taxi back to Nelson – one of my absolute favourite NZ adventures out of many!” Lou

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22. Jordan – Stay in a luxury bubble camp and stargaze in the Wadi Rum desert – Cat 

Where to go in 2022 Bubble camp Wadi Rum Jordan

“Experiencing the incredible Wadi Rum desert in ultimate quirky luxury, is one overnight stay I’d always recommend for anyone visiting Jordan. These ‘Full of Stars’ bubble tents are the perfect place to stay for a truly one-off experience. Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert and its vast skies are perfect for a spot of stargazing, and that’s even more magical when done from the comfort of your own lavish bed! You could even combine your night of ‘glamping’ in your luxury tent with an exhilarating ride across the Wadi Rum desert in a 4X4 or perhaps a hike if you’re feeling energetic! It will be a few days that you’ll never forget.” Cat

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As always, if you have any questions at all about your well-deserved adventure, our team are ready to take your call on 01242 253 073. We are so happy to be back designing holidays for you, our fantastic clients again. Let’s make 2022 a year to remember, for good reasons this time! 

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