Drakensberg Mountains things to do in South Africa

12 adventures to have in South Africa that go beyond the ordinary

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We’re all for experiencing things that go beyond the ordinary here at HA. Are you partial to a spot of adventure? If you’re keen to really get under the skin of the country you’re visiting on your holiday, our experts can help with that!

South Africa is a treasure trove of stunning landscapes, wildlife wonders and a huge array of quirky experiences. If you’re itching for a dose of excitement, read on for 12 of our favourite adventures to have in South Africa, that will all make for fantastic travel tales to tell around the dinner table once you’re home.


1. Driving the Sani Pass: A High-Elevation Adventure

Sani Pass down into South Africa

Strap in for a heart-pounding drive up the Sani Pass, one of the world’s most treacherous mountain roads, to the small country of Lesotho. We recommend jumping in a jeep with a guide, as you need to know what you’re doing on roads like these! As you ascend into the clouds, winding your way around hairpin bends, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking views and a chance to enjoy a drink at the highest pub in Africa. This might be one of our favourite things to do in South Africa, but you’ll be visiting a brand new country, too!

Treacherous roads and sky-high pints


2. Tour of the Battlefields: Soak up South Africa’s rich history

The Battlefields South Africa

History-lovers unite! Dive into the history of South Africa with a tour of the famous Battlefields. Walk in the footsteps of soldiers who fought for their beliefs over battlefields that offer an emotive glimpse into the nation’s history. From the Zulu War to the Anglo-Boer conflicts, these hallowed grounds are the site of such bravery and sacrifice. Exploring these sites is an unmatched way to gain an understanding of this nation’s past.

Adventure to the battlefields


3. Uthando Philanthropic Cultural Tour: Authentic connections with local communities

Uthando Cultural Experience

South Africa isn’t just about thrilling escapades; it’s also a place to connect with its warm-hearted people and local communities. Uthando, a charitable force, showcases the real heart of South Africa’s townships. Led by James Fernie, this unique tour grants visitors firsthand insight into life-changing projects. From market gardens to empowering youth, Uthando’s impactful experiences are not routine tourist stops; they’re a real chance to make a difference and find hope in humanity.

Travel authentically with a visit to Uthando


4. The Cango Caves: A Journey into the Earth’s Depths

Cango Caves

Nestled in the Swartberg Mountains, the Cango Caves offer a subterranean adventure like no other. Make your way deep into the Earth’s belly, exploring magnificent limestone formations, eerie chambers, and narrow passageways as you go. If you’re looking for things to do in South Africa for families, this is a great option – the kids will love it.

Find out more about Cango caving


5. Brave a walking safari in the Kruger National Park: Soak up the wild side of South Africa

Walking safari Kruger

It’s hard to over-egg the thrill of walking through the wilderness of Kruger National Park, letting the sounds and scents of the African bush assault your senses. Imagine walking along with the knowledge that you’re walking in the very footsteps of a pride of lions. There’s something so special and uninterrupted about a walking safari. No engine noise, no crowded sightings, just you, your guides, and the unknown of the African plains.

Walk on the wild side


6. Zulu Homestead Visit: Immerse yourself in a different culture

Zulu homestead visit south africa

Here at HA, we understand the value of real human-to-human connection when you travel. It’s powerful beyond language and comes packed with so many lessons to learn. Step into the heart of Zulu culture with a visit to a traditional homestead on your South Africa holiday. Learn about their customs, dance to rhythmic beats, and try their home-cooked, authentic cuisine. It’s an opportunity to connect with the indigenous roots of South Africa, and you won’t forget it in a hurry. If you’d love to pack your holiday with more authentic things to do in South Africa like this, our specialists can help with that!

Visit a Zulu Homestead


7. Ignite your adrenaline and test your nerve at Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Adrenaline activities

If you’re a fan of challenging yourself (and your nerve), Victoria Falls will make a great addition to your South Africa holiday. This adrenaline lover’s haven has no shortage of heart-pounding activities to choose from. From white water rafting to bungee jumping into the gorge, skydiving to abseiling, and zip-lining to river boarding. You can also try jet boating, kayaking, and quad biking. Or, perhaps you’ll give them all a bash!? Chat to us about the best way to get these booked if you’re ready for the rush!

Are you ready for the rush?


8. Horseback Safari in the Waterberg: A Unique Perspective

Horseback Safari South Africa

We’re huge lovers of a safari here at HA, and of course a safari is always one of the top things to do in South Africa. Whichever way you choose to enjoy one will be special, but this adventure lets you explore the African bush from a different vantage point. From high up in the saddle of your horse, riding across the Waterberg, you’ll enjoy a more intimate connection with wildlife as you trot through the savannah.

Hop in the saddle for a wildlife adventure like no other


10. Take to the waters: Whale watching from Plettenberg Bay

whale watching South Africa

Plettenberg Bay’s coastline teems with marine wonders, from playful dolphins to majestic whales. While southern right whales dominate from July to November, humpbacks grace the area year-round, and Bryde’s whales are regular visitors. So, your chances of a memorable encounter are high! You can choose between two types of boat tours—up-close encounters or broader explorations. Both offer a window into the ocean’s depths and the chance to connect with its extraordinary inhabitants. Or, if dry land is more your thing, spend some time in Hermanus where the whales can often be seen frolicking from the shoreline!

Your very own Whale watching adventure


12. Hiking in the Drakensberg: Breathe in the mountain air

Drakensberg Mountains things to do in South Africa

If you’re a keen hiker, of all the things to do in South Africa, The Drakensberg Mountains needs to be up there on your list! Often dubbed a hiker’s paradise, this region boasts countless scenic trails to explore. You’ll take in breathtaking views, discover San rock art, and revel in birdwatching and wildlife encounters galore. Giant’s Castle, with 19 marked trails managed by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife, will be a real highlight. From short, picturesque hikes to epic day-long adventures, there’s a path for every explorer whatever your walking prowess! Many recommended hotels and lodges also offer private reserve and park trails, ensuring you’re always surrounded by mountain magic here.

Head to the mountains



So, there we have it, 12 slightly different things to do in South Africa that will really get you under the skin of the Rainbow Nation. This really is just the start though. Get in touch to chat to one of our incredible South Africa experts. They’ve spent so much time in the country, uncovering all of the best bits, the hidden spots and the best ways to make sure your South Africa holiday is one to remember!